Saturday, 28 February 2009

The Arrival of our supply!

Early in February, we received news that our 'things' were already at the Port of Sudan. Yeay! It was definitely earlier than expected because we estimated that it would arrive sometime end of February. But, who's complaining, right? The earlier, the better because we already had to 'borrow' a pack of rice from a neighbour while waiting for our own supply...hehehe

At first, we were told that there was some complications with our kontena. It seemed that the customs wanted a health certificate to be issued because we're bringing in a lot of foodstuff. Huh?!! As if others before this did not bring food stuff. They've got to be kidding!!! Finally, it was cleared from customs. What a relief!

Actually, I would have liked it to arrive after our programme on the 13th of February but never mind... It finally arrived on the 10th of February. It reached the complex around 6 p.m. But it finally reached our house after isya'. It lasted until nearly 11 p.m for every box to be put inside our house! There were about 120 plus boxes altogether. It filled up Hadi's bedroom and obviously the living room was full to the max. Hehehe... I felt so tired just looking at the hoard!  Just look at the pictures and feel free to laugh out loud and say, "Oh my God!"

My husband was making a bad-taste joke!

The gentlemen were also waiting for their stuff in our kontena! Che' Ku's waiting for his 'tudung saji'...hehehe

From this picture, you could see the full bedroom and part of our living room!

These little people were so eager to find their toys, actually!

Some of the students who helped carry our things. They tasted the first bottle of 100plus...hehehe. There's no 100plus in Khartoum, okay?!!

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