Friday, 11 June 2010

A long day...a long wait...

This morning, we made our way to KLCC around 11 am and arrived about an hour later. So, we ate at chillis and while waiting for a table, I brought the kids to kinokuniya to buy a book each. Later we enjoyed lunch and straight after lunch, we took a taxi to Prince Court Hospital.

We arrived around 1.30 pm, visited my friend and then left about an hour later. My friend's recovering well, alhamdulillah. So after prayers, we took another cab to KLCC around 3 pm, it was raining but it subsided after half an hour, alhamdulillah.

We finally reached home about 4.15 pm. After Asar, I went to Kak Min's house as her daughter's getting married tomorrow. I was in my shirt and trousers and slippers of course. When I reached her house, I discovered that the akad nikah was taking place in the masjid and after that there'll be tahlil at the house. Errrrkkks, no wonder the others were in lovely baju kurungs...hehehe

But being me, I just stayed on and joined the tahlil after the akad nikah's finished. I came back home before maghrib and sent the kids for mengaji. After their mengaji session, I gave the kids dinner and after isya' went to Kak Min's house again. They were having BBQ, but I went in and help with the bunga telur or should I say, filling up the sweets for the reception tomorrow.

Around 10 pm, I asked one of the boys to switch on the TV...because I wanted to watch the match between RSA and Mexico. FYI, I'm a footie fan actually...hehehe. Last night I stayed up and watched the opening ceremony...hehehe. Anyway, my job's done right at the end of the first half. I ate a little and then rushed back to watch the second half at home. I missed the first goal of the World Cup because I came in at 57th minute...ish, but managed to watch the Mexican goal. Yeay!

While waiting for the second match, I did the packing for our upcoming trip and managed to do laundry at the same time. I went out to hang the clothes at 2 am...hehehe, I hope I didn't make so much noise and disturb my neighbour.

Now, I'm watching the game between France and Uruguay. Actually, I just wanted to say (in a roundabout way) that I'll be hanging my 'blogging hat' and put on the 'footie fan hat'...muahahaha. Please do not expect any entries after this until the finals in another month's time. Whatever entry after this will be considered a 'bonus'. I'll be busy 'studying' all the stats and watching all the fixtures...muahahahaha! Happy World Cup, people!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Bone tired...

Today has been a very tiring day.

Early in the morning, I woke the kids up and rushed to Taman Sri Rawang. I dropped them off at Kak Arah's house around 9.15 am. Then I drove to Selayang Jaya to leave the car at the workshop for a major repair. I asked the mechanic to drop me off infront of Selayang Mall and I immediately spotted the taxi that was waiting for me at the curb (I asked for Zali/Ema's help in finding a reliable taxi driver and they gave Abg Md Noor's number).

The taxi ride was quite interesting...hehehe. We talked about football and the incoming WorldCup among other things. I also asked him whether he could pick me up around 5 pm and he asked me to call around 4 to make sure that he's in the vicinity.

I arrived at the hospital around 10.45 am, went to my friend's room and met Kak A and my friend's sister. We were waiting for the operation to finish and waiting's definitely a very tiring activity...sigh. She went to the OT around 8 am and we were quite worried because it was taking more time than expected. She finally came out of the OT around 12 pm but the effect of the GA was still very strong and she looked so weak. It tug at my heart...sigh

Kak A was better in helping her and anticipating her every needs. She vomited several times but nothing came out, just green/ yellow liquid and I bet it was very painful. We waited for her to be lucid but she told us that she was quite hot and she couldn't see properly, must be the after-effect of the GA as well.

The nurses showed us the 'specimen', the thing that they took out during the operation. Being me, I managed to snap a few pictures just before they took it to the lab...hehehe. It looked a bit scary, 'matter' swimming in a bottle of liquid and blood...Isk.

Kak A and I went down for lunch around 2 pm. After lunch and solat, I went to the florist shop and managed to get a small pink bouquet for my friend. When I went upstairs, I received the good news that the cancer hasn't spread to her lymph-nodes, alhamdulillah...

Soon, the florist bought the flowers up and while the rest were still trying to figure out who it was from, I went and signed the delivery papers...hehehe. I was glad that my friend seemed happy and in a better spirit after the good news. She was also well enough to get up to go to the toilet and could walk albeit a bit unsteadily.

I took my leave around 5 pm and straight went to the workshop to get the car. I arrived in Rawang about 6.30 after struggling to be patient while being stuck in a traffic jam at the Templar area...sigh. Some things just never change...sigh.

Anyway, I was glad that I went to see my friend at the hospital today. I finally met her in person after hearing about the bad news 2 days ago. Though she was still weak, I hope she knows that her friends will support her through this difficult times, insyaallah.

Get well soon, dear friend... Tawakkal illallah...


Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Today, I planned to visit a friend in a hospital in KL. So, this morning I settled Hadi's and Amir's school registrations and came back to Tasik Puteri around 1.30. Around 3 pm, Amir went with Mamud to pick up my cleaner and on the way, dropped off Aliah and Hadi for tuition at Jane's.

I took my own sweet time and only started my journey around 3.15 pm. On my way out, I called Kak Arah to arrange for the kids' 'stay-over' tomorrow at her house. Suddenly, I heard a loud bang and the car hit the divider! I stopped the car at the side of the road and lo and behold! I saw a flat tyre infront (right) and a big hole in the tyre. It must have popped!

Not only I had one flat tyre, when I hit the divider, it also made the tyre at the back split open. So, I called Mamud and the chinese workshop that I'm familiar with to get me a tow-truck. Mamud stopped on his way back home and I asked him to wait at the car while I drove Kak Wahida and Amir back home in the Wira.

While I was at home, the towtruck driver called at told me that they couldn't find the exact location of the car and I had to 'pick up' the tow-truck instead...hehehe. But, when I arrived at the 'site', I couldn't see the car! Huh?!! Then I got a call from the workshop telling me that my brother had actually change the front tire and drove to the workshop himself! Adeh...

So, I told the tow-truck driver to go back to the workshop while I drove straight home...sigh. Imagine me, driving around Tasik Puteri in a very old Wira, which is very low (it must have lose all its suspensions!). I felt like driving a go-kart car...hehehe. I could feel every bump and jolt of the road...Adehhh...

So, hopefully I could finally visit my friend tomorrow, after her operation in the morning. Well, what can I say except thanking Allah that the kids were not with me when it happened and I was right smack in Tasik Puteri where I could get help easily...Alhamdulillah.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010


I just came back from Selayang Mall. I went there while waiting for my car to be serviced somewhere in Selayang Jaya.

I brought the kids along while I was about to pay for my purchases, I got a call from an old friend who needed a sounding board. I gave her my honest opinion and the rest was up to her...sigh. And while we were about to eat, I received another call from a close friend. An unexpected call...sigh. After lunch as I was about to let the kids play at the play area (they have rides and stuff), I was approached by someone. Another shocker for the day.

It was Ani, Mohamad's wife. I was stunned. Today is the 15th day of his passing and she brought her kids to eat at the KFC because the oldest daughter requested it...sigh. She was crying when she called out to me and immediately I felt the sadness and the hopelessness.

It was hard for her to be in Selayang Mall because that's where they always go together, sometimes 2 or 3 times a week. I just let her talk her heart out and I listened because I think that's what she needs the most, someone who just stop and listen. She told me that she always depended on arwah to do most things and now she's at a lost. She couldn't cry infront of the kids because she needs to show a strong front, but my goodness, she's breaking apart...sigh.

I told her that she needs to be strong and Allah would not give her something that she couldn't handle, eventually. Sounded like empty words but I truly believe in this, actually. There's always a higher order of events that only He knows and as always, He knows best.

I suggested to her to start a blog. Somewhere that she could pour her heart out and hopefully help her to figure things out and survive this ordeal. I know she needs an outlet to write about her worries and share her tribulations. I truly hope she would start writing, so she could lighten the burden, somehow. I bet there are many out there who would help her through this, insyaallah.

Today, I listened. I stop talking and I listened. Hopefully, I helped by listening to the people around me. So far, it has been quite a day for self-reflection also...sigh.

Monday, 7 June 2010

It's been a while...

It's been awhile since I last blogged. I was too sad after Mohamad's death and later my husband came back for a week and I had so many things to settle within that 1 short week.

Actually I have so many things to share but I do not know where to start...sigh. So, enough to say that I miss blogging and I miss visiting all my fav. blogs...hehehe. Insyaallah, you'll be seeing more of me soon. So, till then, au revoir!