Thursday, 10 June 2010

Bone tired...

Today has been a very tiring day.

Early in the morning, I woke the kids up and rushed to Taman Sri Rawang. I dropped them off at Kak Arah's house around 9.15 am. Then I drove to Selayang Jaya to leave the car at the workshop for a major repair. I asked the mechanic to drop me off infront of Selayang Mall and I immediately spotted the taxi that was waiting for me at the curb (I asked for Zali/Ema's help in finding a reliable taxi driver and they gave Abg Md Noor's number).

The taxi ride was quite interesting...hehehe. We talked about football and the incoming WorldCup among other things. I also asked him whether he could pick me up around 5 pm and he asked me to call around 4 to make sure that he's in the vicinity.

I arrived at the hospital around 10.45 am, went to my friend's room and met Kak A and my friend's sister. We were waiting for the operation to finish and waiting's definitely a very tiring activity...sigh. She went to the OT around 8 am and we were quite worried because it was taking more time than expected. She finally came out of the OT around 12 pm but the effect of the GA was still very strong and she looked so weak. It tug at my heart...sigh

Kak A was better in helping her and anticipating her every needs. She vomited several times but nothing came out, just green/ yellow liquid and I bet it was very painful. We waited for her to be lucid but she told us that she was quite hot and she couldn't see properly, must be the after-effect of the GA as well.

The nurses showed us the 'specimen', the thing that they took out during the operation. Being me, I managed to snap a few pictures just before they took it to the lab...hehehe. It looked a bit scary, 'matter' swimming in a bottle of liquid and blood...Isk.

Kak A and I went down for lunch around 2 pm. After lunch and solat, I went to the florist shop and managed to get a small pink bouquet for my friend. When I went upstairs, I received the good news that the cancer hasn't spread to her lymph-nodes, alhamdulillah...

Soon, the florist bought the flowers up and while the rest were still trying to figure out who it was from, I went and signed the delivery papers...hehehe. I was glad that my friend seemed happy and in a better spirit after the good news. She was also well enough to get up to go to the toilet and could walk albeit a bit unsteadily.

I took my leave around 5 pm and straight went to the workshop to get the car. I arrived in Rawang about 6.30 after struggling to be patient while being stuck in a traffic jam at the Templar area...sigh. Some things just never change...sigh.

Anyway, I was glad that I went to see my friend at the hospital today. I finally met her in person after hearing about the bad news 2 days ago. Though she was still weak, I hope she knows that her friends will support her through this difficult times, insyaallah.

Get well soon, dear friend... Tawakkal illallah...


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Wan Sharif said...

A good day passed with a very commendable deed. Give thanks to Allah for giving you time, energy, patience and courage to do what you has achieved...
May God bless you SOKMO SOKMO