Friday, 8 July 2011

Vietnam, here I come!

Yeay, tomorrow morning I'll be flying to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam! Hehehe, finally going away for a few days... away from the normal humdrum of my boring life. My life has been compressed into such a predictable timetable that I'm feeling squeezed out of life. Ecewah, I'm feeling a little bit melodramatic this morning...hehehe

Actually, it's just an office trip, well sort of...hehehe. It's organised as one of the activities for Puspanita. Not that I'll be following their trip, because I have my whole family with me...hehehe. I'll be doing my own thing with the main aim of the trip, my favourite sport...Shopping! Muahahaha... yep, I still have my evil laugh...muahahaha

I'm trying to 'squeeze' my husband for a little bit of 'shopping allowance'...hehehe. So, now I have to be in my best behaviour...muahahaha. Hmmmm, wait till I get the money in my not so little chubby hands...muahahaha. I've got to go now, skipping to the nearest money changer...hehehe

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Wan Sharif said...

Dulu AyohWang beli baju kurung sutera di HCMC untuk anak dan anak anak saudara perempuan.. alahai tiba tiba Ayohwang jadi favourite uncle to all my nieces.. lama juga depa pakai baju baju tu siap passdown to their younger siblings lagi..
For the not so young -apalagi selain sepasang telekong yang bersulam bunga tu :)
Satu cadangan yang baik.. pergi shopping di HCMC sebelum Hari lebaran ;)))