Thursday, 7 July 2011

Missing my blog!

I really do miss blogging! Seriously!

Now that I don't have the leisurely time to blog, I miss it profusely...sigh

Now, I only blog in my head (while driving, while doing numerous other stuff...)

So many stories to tell, so little time to spare...

I miss my blogging days. I sorely miss the free time as a stay at home mom...

Now, I'm a working mother (without a maid!) that have her hands full looking after the kids and working like a zombie with a lot of deadlines...sigh.

Will try my best to update my blog from now on. Insyaallah... Au revoir!


Ocean Girl said...

and we missed you too! i gave up blogging to start it again because i was talking to myself:)

just me said...

i miss u post too n i'm having d very same fate. thou hapy, going home sooner i bet i too will be missing my full-time mom experience n d time privilege here ;-\

Wan Sharif said...

Pourquoi au-revoir! why not bienvennu.
Welcome back..I am also missing your blogging ;).