Friday, 11 February 2011

The journey to Farin's wedding...

I have a soft spot for NekRock Boutique. It's an online shopping store where I bought my first handbag and numerous other stuff...hehehe. I love hanging around the chatbox and over time manage to forge a very close relationship with the other regulars there as well. Nekk became our shopping 'advisor' and sometimes she took the role of a 'mother' also. That would make us 'sisters' (sorry zull... I'm generalising here...muahahaha).

To cut the story short, today Farin weds her sweetheart, Halim. The akad ceremony was yesterday, Congrats Farin! Finally, you're a wife... yeay!

Even though, we started as online friends, we've become friends in the real life also. The girls have met several times already, but I never seem to be able to make the time...hehehe. So, I'm taking this opportunity to meet Aida, Min and of course Farin today. Yeay!

Yesterday, I drove to Malacca straight from the office. I've already packed our things the night before but I forgot one thing. Amir's pampers...sigh. By the time I came down to the nursery yesterday, he already wet his pants...sigh. I had to force him to go to the toilet and change his outfit. It was raining in KL. I smsed Min, and she said that it's raining in JB also. Hmmmm... Farin's wedding was in Malacca but the north and south got wet...muahahaha.

Anyway, I drove straight to Jalan Duta and of course, the roads leading out of KL was jammed packed with cars...sigh. As usual, when you're rushing somewhere, there'll be a lot of obstacles to 'test' you...hehehe. It took me one hour just to reach Shah Alam from Selayang. The kids were sleeping so I had a peaceful time driving. I reached the Ayer Keroh OHB around 6.50 pm. We ate KFC and I tried to find Amir's pampers but was not successful.

We reached Seri Malaysia around 7.30pm and in an hour managed to get everybody ready to go to Farin's house. I already got the directions from the bride but was a bit apprehensive because I've never been there and it was night. But since I was 'carrying' the wedding gift from everyone, I knew I had to at least made an attempt. Plus the fact that I would also be giving 2 pillows to Farin. Muahahaha. Yep, the pillows from Sudan. I already made pillow covers, also from the materials I bought from Sudan. The pillows were huge. Enough said. They'll compliment the group's gift...hehehe.

So, around 8.40, I went out of the room and I saw a group of people also going out. They looked like they're going to a wedding also. But I was a bit reluctant to ask them, so I went to the lobby and showed the wedding invitation. A lady next to me recognised the card, it was Farin's cousin. So, problem solved. I followed them to Farin's house. Alhamdulillah.

The journey to Farin's house was a blur, thanks to her cousin's who drove very fast. Suddenly, the car infront of me drove into a petronas station and I followed. It seemed that they were on their way to the shop but fortunately for me, I also need something very important to buy... Amir's pampers...hehehe. Actually, I forgot to bring his pampers (he's on potty training now) and I had to put sanitary towel on his spender (just in case...)...muahahaha. I even took a picture for 'prove' sake (something to show him when he's bigger...hehehe).

From the station, I had to find my own way to Farin's house and as usual my sesat barat session followed. Luckily the Chinese were still celebrating Chinese New Year and a lot of houses got eliminated just by looking at the decorations...hehehe

I made it to Farin's house in one piece. She was very beautiful in her gold Nyonya baju. I gave her the group's gift and my bantal. She looked pleased, thank God...hehehe. I had time taking pictures with the bride and afterwards, while I was busy eating meehoon soup with gearbox soup, the groom came. They look good together. Congrats Farin and Halim. May the years ahead bring you happiness now and the hereafter...Amin.

Now, I'm at the swimming pool for the second session while waiting for Min to arrive from JB. Au revoir!


just me said...

Kak ina, why no more pic is uploaded? Dun ask bout me, internet too slow th i hardly do blogging now plus i guess uploading thru fb now is more convenient n fast for my nephews n nieces too see.

Nek Rock said...

Aiyooooooooooooooo no pictures ke Ina, ishhhhhhh

Psstt *mother* role tu yg selalu korang kena sesah ngan Nek..ahhahahhaa

Farina said...

Tq for coming all the wayyyyyyyyyy ina....hehehehehehe...we look good together?? Alhamdulillah...really hope to have a blessed life with far, he's proven that it was worth the wait...;)

hmylieen said...

ina...mana gambar niiiiiiiiiiii hehheheh

Uncle Lee said...

Hi , nice blog you have and enjoyed reading your posting. You are very eloquent.
How's the weather there?
Hope you and family all okay as we see on TV some problems around the areas there.
Keep well, best regards, Lee.