Sunday, 18 July 2010

After all these years...

Hmmm... after all these years, my kids finally slept in their own rooms! Finally!

Apart from watching mind-boggling football during my sojourn from blogging, I was busy painting and decorating the two rooms upstairs. Ayang's old room was painted pink for Aliah, of course. And Mamud's room was painted blue for the boys. Mamud is in the process of painting his own room downstairs and his choice is green. So, my house is officially a 'rainbow' of colours...hehehe.

I was caught quite off-guard this evening actually, when Amir asked whether they're supposed to sleep in their rooms tonight. I immediately grab the opportunity and said yes! Aliah was at first not very keen to sleep on her own but after painting her room pink and added whatever decorations that she desired, she was very happy with her room. Actually, I just bought very cheap wall stickers at the night market...hehehe

Of the two boys, Amir was the one excited. Since the room was small, I put in a single bed with another bed which could be pulled out when needed. Their room was decorated with two tones of blue at two sides to signify the ocean while the other half was painted blue and cream to signify earth. We put up stickers of fishes at the 'seaside' and giraffes at the 'earthside'...hehehe. I think, I really need to put up pictures here. Anyway, Amir was happy because we put on stickers of Ben10 too.

Hadi was of a different opinion, though. He didn't want to stay in that room. He was very reluctant to sleep there tonight, but I was firm. Actually I was quite 'sorry' to see them out of my room, but I thought that once I relent, they won't take me seriously ever again...sigh.

Can you imagine, they've been in my room all their lives...sigh. I'm missing them already. I think I'm experiencing a small scale 'empty-nest' sindrom...muahahaha. So, bye for now, I want to enjoy having a room to myself all over again! Au revoir!


Aishah said...

Assalamualaikum, yes we all have to move to a new space, at some point. Even though we miss the old comfort, but the new one offers change that insyaaAllah, for the better.

Dear Ina, this is me in a new shape and form :) Tak nak sebut nama dulu, so that tak ada link dan boleh start baru :)

Wan Sharif said...

A good change.. pandai Ina ambil hati anak anak.. let them choose the colour/s of their room and decoration that goes with it.. they seem to own it/them (the change and the rooms).. so the next natural steps.. are for them to sleep in their own rooms..
Looks like their mum was ill-prepared for the change?!.. he,he..

Ina said...

Dear Aishah,

Thank you for visiting. From the file picture, I think I could guess who you are...hehehe. Please do not stop blogging dear, you're so good at it!

Dear Sir WS,

Thank you for your nice comments. Look forward to your visits :)

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Fasri said...

Now I look forward to my return trip for Raya.. ;)