Tuesday, 20 July 2010

My World Cup : Part 2

This year, I planned to enjoy the World Cup 2010. I do not have any favourite team but I certainly had an irrational dislike of Italy and England. Though I did have a soft spot for Germany and the Ivory Coast...hehehe. The Ivory Coast was unlucky to be grouped together with Brazil and Portugal because if not, they would have gone at least to the quarter finals. Anyway, it's just not to be...sigh. While Germany played to their full potential and displayed one of the fastest attacking football there is.

Though they lost to Spain in the semis, I was not too disappointed because Spain played well and managed to curb any kind of moves the Germans tried. The best team won and I was also glad that Spain became the champion. They deserved it! I quite like Holland but they played 'dirty' at the finals and it was a shame. I knew that the odds were against them but was quite disappointed that they came out trying to spoil Spain's victory. The game between Germany and Uruguay was much better, free flow and they played beautiful football, definitely.

Since the WC begun on the 11th of June, I've been glued to the TV screen on about 80% of the games. I actually started my marathon on the 10th of June...hehehe. When my husband came back for a course in Cherating on the 12th of June, I was a bit disappointed because there was no telecast of the WC in our room in Swiss Garden Kuantan. But all was not lost because they showed the games at big screens around the hotel. We normally chose to sit out at the beach front and watched the matches.

My husband made me miss Germany's first game because he didn't want to wake me up. Actually he suffered from jet lag and though he heard the alarm clock, felt that he could not get up and would rather let me miss the game also. Hmmmphhh! One night, I crawled out of bed and watched the game at the lobby with another patron. Luckily it was dark because I literally dragged myself out of bed...hehehe

Anyway, when the kids started schooling after the school holidays, it became a challenge to sleep late and wake up early. Sometimes I survived on 2 or 3 hours sleep and during the day, I became a zombie. But once I caught myself nodding at the wheel and that put a stop to watching the 2.30 am games. Luckily it was during the quarter final rounds where we were given a reprieve of about two days before the next round...hehehe

Sometimes, I persuaded the kids to sleep downstairs infront of the TV, so that I could watch the games and be near the kids at the same time. My living room became truly 'lived in'...muahahaha. In my opinion, Germany provided a lot of entertainment in whatever games they played, except against Spain (they truly need a lot of experience and maturity to counter Spain's tactic). I loved how the Germans made the English looked like fools. Slow and weak against fast and strong contenders. Simply loved that.

Actually I liked watching Argentina played also, though I hate the over-dramatic coach. I think if you put a 'stick' as a coach also, they could play well. Brazil was too cocky for me. It was kind of sad that the African teams were not that successful...sigh. But it just goes to show that brawn without brains would not guarantee you success in football.

What about South Korea and Japan? I liked them also and sad to see them end their campaigns. They showed that Asians could also play world class football. I would also support Japan's bid to host the WC in 2018?!! At least, the matches would not deprive me of my much needed sleep...hehehe

Any complaints? Of course, the ball is one. Next time, please let someone involved in the game to design it! A ball that was designed in a lab should stay in the lab! Some referee were 'card-happy' like the Saudi man. Iskkk, at times, I wish they could invite Colina to referee again. I miss seeing his bald head running alongside players and controlling the game. If he referees, no one dares to say anything...sigh.

I bid farewell to World Cup Mania 2010! I laughed, I cried but most of all, I enjoyed every minute of it. I wonder what I would be doing during the World Cup 2014 in Brazil...mmm

p/s: Ramadhan is coming. I wish I'll have the same kind of passion to wake up nights as the WC...hehehe


Jo said...

Hi Ina, I'm glad you enjoyed the WC soccer. This was South Africa's first and we as a nation are mighty proud of how well it all went. What did you think of South Africa (as a country,; as the host) and did you like what you saw of it (SA) on Telly? I hope you've caught up on your sleep. Have a wonderful day, Jo (South African living in Khartoum)

Ina said...

Dear Jo,

It was a fantastic WC! Congrats to the host nation! South Africa remains as one of the countries that I'd love to visit someday :)

Anonymous said...

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