Monday, 19 July 2010

My World Cup : Part 1

I'm a football fan. I wasn't that interested when I was younger even though I studied in a country where EPL reigned supreme. If I'm not mistaken, Gary Lineker was quite famous then. I just couldn't understand what's the point of 22 men chasing 1 ball?!! My husband was and still is a Liverpool fanatic. So, I became a fan by default or is it by marriage? Hehehe. But when I could not stand to support Liverpool anymore, I chose to support Chelsea starting from 2003.

Then, I started to read up on football news and watched games without fail. I became a football junkie...muahahaha. Well, now I agree when people say that football is a beautiful game. It is! In football, you'll have to work together and different positions have different parts to play. Different teams have different dynamics and I love to watch them all.

So, of course, I love watching the World Cup, it's not just about a football game, but also about pride of a country. In 2006, I was heavily pregnant with Amir during the WC and I was bleeding, so I was given a 2 week bed rest. So, I used that 2 weeks of 'bed rest' by watching WC 2006. Amir was delivered after the second semi final match. My favourite player was Zizou of course and I felt like kicking that Italian player for making him sent off. My favourite coach was of course Klinsman. I liked this man since he was a player...hehehe

Anyway, I'm lucky because this year, I'm still on leave! Yeay!


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Wow Ina, World Cup got part 1, part 2. The Last WC I was really involved in was way in 1982. Masa tu gila habih Dino Zoff. And Karl Heinz Rumenigge!