Friday, 21 January 2011

Erkkks!!! No.2 for 2011...

Yesterday, I was supposed to meet some of my friends at OU (Sudan friends). But unfortunately, Kak Zu couldn't make it and there was no reply from Najwa, so Syikeen and I had to cancel lunch together. Maybe next time :)

So, in the morning, I ate only cereal (thinking that I'll have a 'big' lunch, right?!!). By lunchtime, I was starving and as soon as allowed, I drove to the nearest stall and ate to my heart's content. I was like a sleepy dugong and head back early to the office. Around 2 pm, my boss came back with chicken rice for me...Aiyoo, how to decline?!! So, I sat there in the pantry and started eating the delicious chicken rice. As if by magic, soon there was nothing left in my plate...muahahahaha!

Around 3pm, we were 'invited' to go to the Puspanita's AGM at third floor. Actually, I was very reluctant to go, but since there were not many of us yesterday (quite a lot of people took the day off), I dragged myself to the 3rd floor. And surprise, surprise! I was selected to be the AJK again...sigh. I thought that I would get away from being actively involved in anything 'NITA' for a long time...sigh. I thought, I was lucky to get away from being involved in PETRONITA. It seems that I'm not lucky enough...

After that, I joined the other ladies eating mee kari. So, I thought of skipping dinner and only bought nasi for my kids. But, Amir didn't finish his and who else had the stomach to put all that food in? Me! Of course! Sigh... Yesterday was definitely a 'full' day for me...hehehe

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