Sunday, 28 March 2010


When we entered the compound of the Quran factory, I saw a humungous building quite near to it. Someone pointed out that was the Khartoum Stadium. Stadium?!! I thought it was an ongoing project but apparently the building of the stadium was already abandoned. The most interesting part that I'd like to share here is the fact that the stadium is in fact being used irregardless of the fact that it's not finished!

Some schools had their football or sports practice here, regularly. Though they were surrounded by the ugly incomplete seating area, the fields must have been good enough to be used. Hmm... In Trengganu, we had a collapsed stadium while in Sudan we have this unfinished structure. But in truth, the Sudanese are proud of this thing they called a stadium. Hmm...maybe we could learn something here, something need not be perfect to be used and utilised. What say you?

Picture taken from afar...


a kl citizen said...

pelik juga ya
saya rasa diorang ni memang jenis yang bangga apa saja tentang diri mereka,
bagus juga perangai cam ni,
tidaklah tengok orang lain je yang cantik dan malu ngan hasil sendiri

OOD said...

when i was in Turkey, at the blue mosque. the ladies flocked around me. Alhamdulillah they said, a Sudanese..

i look like a Sudanese? i dont think so. Not even half their height.

Maybe the pride? Broken, as i may be, in mosque i went and proud too. Hehe.. whatever that means.

Ocean Girl said...

I just hope the stadium is not dangerous or unsafe for use, other than that, it goes to show they do not waste and make full use of what they got.

And Ina, you are the only person that got the answers correct. 100% right on. Canggih, canggih, hehe:)

PS: Hotel California tu is dari lagu Eagle tu lah, in Todos Sanntos, Baja California, Mexico.