Tuesday, 2 March 2010

What's going on?

Well, there's so many things on my plate right now, I'm unsure what to tackle first...sigh. I've kind of abandoning this blog for a few days because there's so many issues to be tackled. The biggest news would probably be our decision to go back to Malaysia earlier than planned. We've planned to go back at the end of the year but with the new OARP package, it's not viable to stay in Sudan.

We're still in the planning stage but most probably, the kids and me will be going back sometime in April...which is a month away...Erksssss. I have to start packing our stuff and hopefully it'll be done in time.

I've just started learning arabic actually starting in February and strangely enough, I kind of like it...hehehe. But, I might not be able to continue with the classes as I'll be really busy in the next few weeks.

I'm involved in the planning and execution of the Family Day 2010 which will be on the 12th of March. Preparations and practices for cultural shows's going as planned. Alhamdulillah. But, sadly this time round I lack the excitement in the involvement of the event...sigh

I'm also in the middle of organising the Badminton Tournament for Petronita members. The ladies doubles were a success but the mix doubles (with husbands) are postponed for this weekend.

I'll also in the process of organising an indoor games for madames and also for kids this weekend. I'm truly busy and just about to collapse of tiredness...sigh

Actually I have so many things to write about, but little time to spare... So, bear with me and I'll keep on updating you with current news...au revoir friends...


rozieyah said...

Hi Ina, boleh tanya? Macam mana caranye Malaysian bawa daun2: serai, kari, pandan... etc ke Sudan ye?

Sizuka said...

alamak ina, hectic nya!! tak sabar nak jumpa engkau.. really miss ur bubbliness :D

just me said...

coming back to malaysia that soon??? hoh, tiring n very hectic hah. well, so long your re happy, but yeah, the thought of leaving must be something gak. but then, the time will come sooner or later. hope to see u in june

Zaharah said...

Hi Mas,

Very busy physically and mentally nampaknya....coming back in April, start packing slowly.
Apa tu OARP? Apa2 pun akak doakan you all banyak bersabar and think possitive. Apa2 yang terjadi ada hikmah disebaliknya. Salam to Fasri and Aliah, Hadi & Hadi. Take care of your health ok. Nothing like home sweet home dik !!

Ina said...

Dear Rozieyah,

Ada dua cara, either you keringkan dulu kat mesia or boleh bawak fresh and balut in newspaper. Sampai sini kena freezekan kalau tak dia cepat busuk. Take care.

Ina said...


hehehe...miss u guys too!


Somehow, I think I'm going to miss living in Sudan...hehehe

Ina said...

Kak Arah,

The kids and me are jumping up and down with joy while the father is standing at the sidelines...hehehe
Miss you guys so much!

just me said...

definately you will kak ina. despite all the harrasments we re facing, we too know we're going to miss manila once we get back to malaysia for good.

rozieyah said...

Ina, heard that the weather in Sudan is really HOT. Like 49 degree cel. What kind/brand of sunblock, lotion & moisturiser can we bring to protect our skin? am curious.