Sunday, 10 October 2010

Raya 2010- reflection...

This year we celebrated Eid in Malaysia, among family and friends and with food aplenty...hehehe. For the past two years, we were away in Khartoum, though it was no less festive but I miss the 'carnival' spirit there. Though I felt that my presence there was enough to make the atmosphere more festive somehow...muahahaha!

In Khartoum, we spent time during Eid visiting friends in the Petronas Complex. When I was there, we had a 'schedule' for open houses...hehehe. In 2008, Syikeen and me drew up a timetable for everyone to slot in their open houses, so that we would be able to enjoy the festivities mood and the most important thing that there would be no clashes in the schedule and everyone fed to the max! Muahahaha.

Last year, I managed to maximise the slots, so that everyone did not have to cook for 6 whole days! The ladies had to do minimal cooking during the period because we had open houses for 'breakfast, lunch and dinner!'...Muahahaha. Who says it was not fun in Sudan?!! Well, I did anyway! Hehehe

During the holidays we had very 'minimal travelling time'. The only travelling that we did involve only the walking up and down the stairs or travelling up and down lifts... or maybe the slow walk to the other block! hehehe... Can you imagine celebrating Eid in a block of flats, without anywhere else to go?!! The only invitation out would be from the embassy and the students organisation. Kesian kan?!! But I have to say that I had lots of fun and laughter throughout the holidays.

I remembered us going to each house and the ladies would normally sit in an 'island' in the middle of the room and shared gossips and laughter (with the host's homemade cookies right in the middle, I might add)...hehehe. Sometimes the men would left us there and went home first because once the wives got talking, it's very difficult to stop...muahahaha. I miss those times... I miss you guys...

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