Saturday, 23 October 2010

Travel Galore - Eid-ul-Fitr 1431H

We woke up a little bit late on the morning of Eid. The kids woke up at 7.30am but by 8.00 everyone was ready...hehehe. My FIL was amazed and asked the kids, "Cepatnya siap, mandi kuba' ker?". Hehehe.

We planned to solat sunat at Masjid Hiliran but because we were late and it was raining, we prayed in Masjid Kristal, a short walking distance from where we were staying. There were so many people, alhamdulillah. The only complain I had was about the imam who forgot the takbir on the second rakaat, making the makmum a little bit confused.

The night before, Che Rah told us not to come too early, so after solat we went to Che Da Afzan's house. I love going to Che Da Afzan's house because her house would be the only house that serves rendang on raya morning...hehehe. Che Da cooked nasi minyak Trengganu and rendang...yeay! But while I was enjoying the spread, Che Rah called...

So, we went straight to Che Rah's house and ate Nasi Dagang. Ayah Su and Che Su also came from Dungun, so my FIL's family was complete. All surviving siblings were together under one roof. We managed to have a photography session with all the family...hehehe. We ate and chatted and had fun teasing each other...hehehe. Well, it's not easy to have everyone together at the same time.

Around 12, we made our move to Padang Midin, to Abg Luqman's house. We arrived just before the friday prayer and the ladies had our fill of nasi dagang in peace. This is where Daddy met his cousins and there were many that day. Even Dadi came a bit later but I pity him because he looked so lost in his own world...sigh.

From Padang Midin, we made our way home and started packing all our stuff in the car. We made our way to KB around 3pm. We managed to stop by at Uncle Wan Abu Mutalib's house but it was too full with a lot of people. The journey was uneventful and we safely arrived at the hotel in KB just before Maghrib.

After prayers and showers, we went to Mak Anjang's house in Kg. Bayam. Adik and Fahim also came with us. There we met Abg Pian and Wani and later were joined by Ila and Man. Abg Pian's second child was unable to walk and it was so sad because we could do nothing to help...sigh. We went back to rest around 11 pm. Such an exhausting first day...sigh.

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