Sunday, 24 October 2010

Travel Galore - More of Raya 1431H...

On the second day of Raya, we went out to Uncle Ripin's house after a leisurely breakfast and a swim for the kids at the hotel. From Uncle Ripin's house, we went to KB Mall to buy something for the kids, especially Hadi who started asking for his 'fasting reward'...sigh.

Around midday, we made our way to Bachok, Mak Su Ani's house. By the time we arrived, Mummy and Daddy were already there and Adik and Fahim arrived soon after. Basically we just relaxed and had lunch there. I suggested to my husband that we should use the time wisely by driving to Pasir Mas as we were going back to Sabak Bernam the next day. He agreed and we made our way to Pasir Mas around 5pm.

There was a lot of traffic but it was not too bad, and we arrived in Pasir Mas just before Maghrib. First we went to Kak Ana's house and afterwards went next door to Ajik's house where they were holding an open house for their close family and friends. The food was delicious...hehehe. I was really glad that we made the effort to go there as we managed to meet many of our cousins. If I'm not mistaken, arwah Makcik Lah got about 9 kids and numerous grandchildren. We head back to KB after isya' and the night was spent packing for the next leg of the journey.

On Sunday morning, we were invited to have breakfast at Fahim's house. We had breakfast there and made our way to the West Coast around 10.30am. The traffic was really bad, it took us about 4 hours to get to Gua Musang. It was very slow moving, crawling for most of the way. Amir had a little of a mishap along the way, he actually vomited on Hadi, and we had to change him at the gas station.

We decided to use the Cameron Highlands/Simpang Pulai's route. We stopped for solat around 3pm somewhere in the mountains (in a surau). We arrived in Cameron around 4pm, where I stopped to buy some fresh vegetables...hehehe. Retail therapy wherever I can get it okay?!! Hehehe. Then from Simpang Pulai we head down to south.

It was really slow on the highway but in a way, it was quite fortunate for us because we had a flat tyre somewhere near Tapah. A fellow driver pointed it out to us, if not I would be unaware of the little situation befallen us. The kids were sleeping at the back and all the commotion did not awake them from their deep slumber. I was useless with a flat tyre and it seemed that I was not the only one...hehehe

An Indian mechanic stopped and helped us just when my husband was about to panic (he didn't even know how to unscrew the bolts, ok?!!). The mechanic told us, "Hiyo, kalau macam tu ha, sampai malam pun tak tentu boleh buka woo"...hehehe. It took him very short time to change the tyre and while he was doing it, the plus patrols came to have a look. We gladly pay him a little bit of money for helping us with the tyre changing...Phewwww.

The traffic was very slow moving, even from Bidor to Teluk Intan. Both of us were very tired that it was kind of funny, every half an hour we would change being the driver...hehehe. We finally arrived at my Auntie's house in SPP around 9pm. It was dark and we missed her house 2 times. See how familiar we were with our own Auntie's house...hehehe.

It seemed that I just missed my Mak Su as she just went back to Jasin in the morning...sigh. But my Mak Ngah and Cik Jah was there with two new additions to the family...hehehe. We had dinner there, they had the time to cook the vegetables from Cameron, you know?!! Anyway, we made our way back to Sabak Bernam around 11pm. I actually booked a room at my relative's homestay, Zamita's in Sabak Bernam a week earlier. So, it was kind of easy, just get the key and 'pengsan'...hehehe

The next day, we went back to Sekendi and met my relatives plus all the juiciest gossips...muahahaha. Instead of going back to Rawang on Monday, we extended our stay another night. Luckily I booked a room at Sg Hj Dorani as a just-in-case scenario. We managed to visit many relatives though 2 days were definitely not enough to cover the scores of relatives I have...hehehe.

Anyway, we came back to BTP on Tuesday and Hadi and Amir had to skip one day of school. Yeay! for them, I suppose...hehehe. Looking back at the travelling we had done during Raya, I could just rolled my eyes. But the story's not finish yet...hehehe

To be continued...

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