Thursday, 14 October 2010

Travel Galore - a day before Eid...

On the day before raya, we managed to find our relative somewhere near the airport. We visited Dadi who was already affected by Alzheimer and hardly recognise people, even his own children...sigh.

I suggested that instead of just spending the night before raya at the house, why don't we go to Che Rah's house (daddy's sister) and he agreed. So we went there and Che Ja was already there with her family. It was kind of fun to gossip and just get to know each other better...hehehe. At first just the ladies were at the kitchen and then Daddy joined us ladies.

On that particular night, we discovered one of Daddy's secrets...hehehe. No wonder Che Ja and Che Rah were a bit gobsmacked when Mummy told them that Daddy ate bubur lambuk for sahur. Then, suddenly Che Ja asked Mummy, "Since when Abg Long eat bubur lambuk?" and it was Mummy's turn to be gobsmacked, "huh?!, he's been eating quite a lot of bubur lambuk actually...". Then Che Ja told us that as far as she knows, Daddy abhorred bubur lambuk since young because he said that bubur lambuk reminded him of 'muntah kucing (cat's vomit)...muahaha.

When questioned by his wife and his sisters, he actually admitted that he used to hate bubur lambuk...hehehe. We had a good laugh about that in the kitchen. We were so busy laughing that we didn't realise the time. All too soon, it was time to go back to Taman Tamadun Islam...sigh. It was so nice to be able to chat with our close relatives.

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