Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Family Day 2009: The ending...

The family day officially ends about 12.30 pm. The final curtain truly belongs to Wahyu Singgih as the composer and lyric writer of the theme song 'One'. He performed 'live' at the end where everyone sang together. It was like a mini concert...hehehe.

To tell the truth, I really enjoyed myself. All the hard work that the committee put in finally paid off when we saw that it was enjoyed by the others as well. I was tired, sure... but in my opinion we created a mini Malaysian gathering on that day. Truthfully, I felt that I was transported somewhere in Malaysia that day...hehehe. I also had fun meeting and joking with friends...To think that outside the future was uncertain, inside the compound we let our hair down to be with family and friends... So, till next year, adios amigos!!!

Wahyu and his chorus singers... Rock on, Wahyu!!!

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