Thursday, 12 March 2009

Family Day Fever!

Tomorrow, March 13th is Petronas Sudan Family Day. I'm involved as part of the organising committee, though I'm quite blur in my 'real' task...hehehe. I was supposed to help in the event bureau but also chipped in the gifts bureau. Well, in my defense, it involves shopping, so it seems very natural for me to help buying the gifts...hehehe

Alhamdulillah, the gifts are 'settled' more or less. But I'm truly worried about the event section. For me, there could be 1001 things that could go wrong tomorrow. Let's just pray for the best...sigh... I'm already breaking in cold sweat actually. Never mind, we'll see what's going to happen tomorrow.

Apart from the family day, I'm also planning to have Aliah and Hadi's joint birthday celebration on the 14th. Alhamdulillah, I have Kak Halina, Kak Rehana and Kak Hanum to assist me in this...hehehe... So, I'm really busy and really acting busy...hehehe


Anonymous said...

Hi dearie...reading your blog and staring down from my window...I wonder when would I get myself occupied like most of you? Sighs...I have this sickness...commitment deficiency syndrome! Hey...Happy Family Day to you...See you tomorrow at the padang.

ana said...
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ana said...

kak mas, thanks for the delicious cakes,esp tiramisu!(share la skek recipe)..hehe..bile mau ke souk?