Sunday, 25 April 2010

A busy Sunday...

I just got back from a birthday party in Bukit Ampang...sigh. I'm really tired.

Our journey started around 11.30 am this morning. We rushed to OU to buy present for Wildan, the birthday boy. But once we arrived in OU, everybody was so hungry that we actually ate brunch first at Chicken Rice Shop...hehehe. Hadi ate about 1 and a half plate of chicken rice, can you believe it?!! I was gobsmacked when he kept on asking for more rice... I was just afraid that his tummy would explode...muahaha

After that we went to Toys'r'us. I already warned the boys that we were there just to buy a toy for Wildan and not for them. I've been telling them since yesterday actually. But of course, that was before they entered the shop. Once there Amir whined to no avail. Actually I promised the kids that I would buy them a toy in May (that was two weeks ago), and I've been quite strong mentally and did not buy them any toy so far. But I melted when I saw Hadi cried silently at one of the corner of the shop. He didn't whined which was so typical of him but he just cried silently...sigh. So, what did I do? I 'surrendered'. I bought the boys a Ben10 toy each...sigh. I am so weak...

Then, I went to Taman Tun to their grandparents house. After Zohor, I asked my SIL to drive us to Bukit Ampang for the birthday party. We reached there around 3 pm and I met Mummy Daisy, Uncle Megat's clan and many others. Angah was also there with the rest of the family so the kids had fun.

Intan also acted as the 'games' coordinator' and she organised many kids games...hehehe. I took quite a few photos but sadly couldn't upload those either...sigh. Aliah won the 'limbo dance' and Amir won 'put a tail to the donkey' game...hehehe. Hadi didn't win anything but at least he participated in most of the activities and he kept on making funny remarks to Intan's instructions...hehehe. The theme of the party was 'Cowboy and cowgirl' but my kids refuse to wear the bandanna. Only Aliah was so happy with the face painting.

I finally met Uncle Megat's new wife...hmmm...hehehe. Auntie Arah passed away after a long illness last year and Uncle Megat took a new wife on the 15th of February this year. She's a dietician so she's quite slim but... lack the 'sweet' factor of Auntie Arah. I missed Auntie Arah's boisterousness... hehehe. I still remember some outrageous stories that she would tell us about their younger days. RIP Auntie, he's now well taken care off. Alfatihah, I still miss you...

Then I drove home...the end.

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