Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Patah kaki...

Today, we're stuck at the house. We couldn't go anywhere as I sent the car to the workshop this morning. I wanted to upload the picture of the dented car but unfortunately I couldn't do so...sigh. I've been wanting to update my blog but something's wrong with blogspot, I guess.

Oh yes, that's another 'present' from my brother, Mamud. When we got back last week, we spotted the dent immediately...sigh. When questioned, he said that a lorry made the dent and he didn't know which one because he found it already dented at the parking lot...yeah! whatever!

But as Along Zali said, 'it's just a car...nothing actually happen to him...'. I have to keep on reminding myself, 'it's just a's just a's just a car'...sigh