Monday, 26 April 2010

Quest for a gate...

FYI, my house is without a gate for more than 2 years already. Alhamdulillah, nothing untoward happened yet, but I do not want to tempt fate. I'm already scared by reading all the news in the papers. So far, the area that I live in has been quite safe with a minimal number of break-ins. The neighbours also know each other and always look out for one another. That is very rare in this new age, actually... and I'm grateful.

Last week I asked a contractor to come and assess the mini project that I'm embarking on. I just wanted to tile the front porch, add a gate and build a new fence in front. I also wanted to tile the small area of land at the back of my house and put up a grill surrounding the back of the house. The quotation that he gave me nearly gave me a heart attack on the spot.

The work in front would cost me 14k. 14 thousand, ok?!! To put in tiles would cost me 8k?!! What?!! The front porch is not that big. My house is not that big. It's just a medium cost terrace (20x70) or is it (20x60)? It could just fit one car, for god's sake?!! What kind of tile that he's suggesting to put in? Diamonds?!! Come on, it's just to park the car...Isk...mengarut.

He also promised that he would email me the pictures of the tiles but I've been waiting for about a week and still no email. So, I don't think I'd go for this feller's quotation. I'm still looking around for a quotation, reasonable quotations. I'm not looking for a grand gate (wrought iron and the likes), I just need a simple and practical gate. Is it so difficult to ask?!!

So, my quest for a gate will continue...sigh.


Sizuka said...

babe, kalau takat nak contractor utk pasang tile, cari contractor sendiri, pastu beli tile sendiri kat either jalan ipoh, or kilang tiles yg berlambak kat selayang. if u need a good contractor utk buat keje, telepon aku. nanti aku bagi number pakcik tu. dia baru je tampal atap aku yg bocor plus plaster balik plaster ceiling yg bocor.

Ocean Girl said...

Yes, you can get your own estimate because the cost would depend on the tiles. Measure the space and give it to the tile shop.

Everything sounds exciting. Seronok balik Malaysia.