Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Yeay! What a relief!

Dear friends,

I just received news that I'm no longer the warden for block A! Yeay! I've been waiting for this piece of good news for ages...hehehe

The new warden for Block A would be Ali/Yana and deputy warden Nazri/Liza. Good luck people! Do not worry so much about the responsibility because in actual fact you'll have the full support of the whole community in handling it! Trust me, it'll be fun :)

When I decided to go home, automatically it created a vacancy for a new warden. There was a lot of commotion and politics involved in selecting the new warden. (I was left out of the loop most of the times because I was busy packing...hehehe). And I left it to the whole community to decide who should be their new rep... and they've chosen wisely because I know Ali and Yana will do the job to the best of their ability, insyaallah. Actually I've left the warden simcard to Yana before I left (very apt choice, huh?)...muahahaha

Anyway, I feel so happy and the most important thing is that I feel a lot lighter (if only it takes away some of my fat...hehehe).

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every single person in Block A for their full support of the programmes that I was involved in. Personally I loved every single project that we did because we did it together, rain or shine (or in our case, in hot or hotter temperatures)...hehehe. Whatever I did, I did with sincerity and because of that I felt little regrets. I've enjoyed organising the many social events and I'm glad I got to know most of you, personally. I've met many interesting characters and I've learnt quite a lot of lessons from many of you. Thank you for enriching my life.

Dear friends, I also want to take this opportunity to apologise for any wrongs that I have done, intentionally or otherwise. Being me, complete with a set of mouth that has a speed of light, I may have hurt you without me realising it, so I apologise. Whatever happens in Khartoum, remains in Khartoum...hehehe. 0-0 yer...Insyaallah, we'll meet each other again and I wish you a happy and safe stay in Khartoum!

Signing of as Warden for the final time,



xplorer said...

when i was in junior college we would call our WAR DEN as "DIN PERANG" . Our warden is our no 1 enemy due ,we used to hid his shoes just to get revenge, i guess you would face the same problem , he he

Nani said...

suka ya?? anyway, thanks for being there and contributing making Khartoum a livable place, at least for me.