Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Just now, I went to Tesco Rawang for the third time...hehehe. After we had brunch, we went upstairs towards Tesco.

But I was distracted by a beautiful bedsheet in Aussino. When I was asking the salesgirl about that particular piece, I came face to face with my colleagues from MPM... and to make matters worse, they were Mdm M (my former immediate boss) and her sidekick Mdm Q... Adehhhh

But, I greeted them nicely, asking about MPM, not that I really care...muahahaha. And when asked whether I'm dropping by in MPM, I told them truthfully that whenever possible I'll be avoiding MPM like a plague... I didn't know why I lied that I was just back for a holiday and not for good. Maybe because I do not want to be pestered to come and report for duty earlier than January 2011...sigh.

I'm sure by now, the boss would know that I'm somewhere in Malaysia...and somewhere in Malaysia I would be for another few weeks or so...hehehe

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