Monday, 26 April 2010

Visits to the doctor...

Today, I brought the kids to the clinic in BTP. Aliah was complaining of a headache and she got a fever. She was a bit shy to tell the doctor while the boys were playing havoc inside the small room...sigh. Hadi was playing with the weighing scale cum height measurement instrument... and of course the smaller feller copied his brother...sigh

2 days ago I brought the 2 boys to the same clinic because Hadi was complaining of a sore throat. It was quite funny really because I just kept quiet while he was telling the doctor of his ailments. He was talking non-stop. He told the doctor that it was quite difficult for him to swallow food and when he drinks, it hurts (though, I didn't see any changes in his eating habits...hehehe, he was eating quite a lot in my observation...hehehe).

The doctor advised him not to take cold drinks, ice-cream etc. He even complained to the doctor that I gave him an ice-cream the day before. The doctor then told him that he could have declined and said no...hehehe (in fact he finished his ice-cream so fast that he asked the other two whether he could finish theirs...hehehe). Anyway, I was kinda proud to see him talk to the doctor with confidence.

Then it was Amir's turn to show the doctor his bleeding nose. He was quite brave but I don't think the doctor understood what he said...hehehe. He was so cute sitting there on his own. I just realised that my boys are all grown up :)

And now, my throat is sore...There could be another visit to the doctor tomorrow...sigh


a kl citizen said...

main jangkit2 pulak ya

kesian aliah

Wan Sharif said...

Kalau demam..kena jaga jaga.. cepat cepat buat rawatam. H1N1 pandemic belum berakhir. Khamis lepas (22/4/10) saya temankan seorang kawan
menziarahi sahabatnya yang berpulang ke RahmatuLLAH akibat H1N1.

Wan Sharif said...

Rawatan.. bukan rawatam..he,he