Friday, 21 May 2010

Hadi's a gem...

My son Hadi is a very peculiar character. In terms of development, he's quite a fast learner and he loves watching Discovery Channel and he used to love watching Nat Geo Wild in Sudan. He loves animals and dinosaurs and he has a very good general knowledge compared to his sister.

He is also known to come up with 'gems'. Sometimes out of no where he would 'crack' us up with some thing or other.

Recently, he managed to make us laughed like mad at my in-laws house. He came downstairs without wearing pants, so my FIL asked him, 'How come your punai is so small'. Unperturbed, he answered, "If it's too big, it'll be difficult to carry it around". My FIL just erupted in laughter and I was gobsmacked...muahahaha.

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edrina said...

hadi ni bijak macam ayah ngan faisal dia la mak long.. masa kecit2 dulu ayah ngah faisal macam tu la.. kalau mak2 sedara tanya mesti ada jerk jawapan kelakar dr dia ekekeke