Thursday, 20 May 2010

Meeting old colleagues...

Yesterday, Nawar called me and invited me to a gathering at the office today. He told me that since Sha and me are not at the dept. anymore, they seldom have makan2 gathering...hehehe. Normally Sha and me would plan and organise such gathering quite often, the guys just contributed money and the rest would be up to us, with the help of Zu and Nisa of course.

But, unfortunately, I woke up late. I only managed to get out of the house about 10.30 and arrived at the office about 11 am. I was stopped at the gatehouse but I shouted to the new guard that I'm one of the staff there...hehehe. As soon as I arrived at my old dept., I called Nisa to open the door, I totally forgot my old password...hehehe

She didn't realised it was me at first, not until she saw me...then of course, she screamed...hehehe. Fortunately, my old boss was not around, so I had a jolly good time at the pantry with Ruhaibah, Azlina, Kak Aliah and Nisa. Ustaz Zul and Saharudin came to take a look at who's making the noise...muahahaha. I listened to many juicy gossips while I had my fill of the food. We were celebrating Nisa's birthday today...hehehe

From the 5th floor, I tracked down Kak Zubai at the 2nd floor. Here, I saw many old and familiar faces, Isa, Kak Mas, En Salleh, Bad and many more. I was of course very loud and very merry...hehehe. Everyone kept asking me when I'm going to turn up for duty and I told them that I'll be there in January, insyaallah.

Shima called, asking me to go to Dahlia's, an eatery nearby, for lunch. When I got there, she was having lunch with Ika and Juliana. I made my move around 1.30 pm and what a whirlwind 3 hours it was...hehehe. I came back with a promise to join the other officers for a 2 day course sometime in June where Sha from JB will also be there. Hmmmm, this is more for wanting to see Sha other than anything...muahahaha.

p/s: Sha, I think they're going to regret inviting both of us for the course...hehehe

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Ocean Girl said...

Reunion after reunion..