Monday, 17 May 2010

Time out...

I just got back from a wonderful 'time-out'.

A few days ago, I met Kak Normali at Tesco and she told me of a reunion of sorts that was to be held today at PappaKopitiam in Rawang. So, I decided to join them today...hehehe. Who are we? Well, friends who were teaching in SMK Seri Garing around the late nineties and early 2000. Some of us have left the school and either join other schools or join other professions.

So, today after feeding the children and solat, I drove to Rawang. The reunion was supposed to be about 2 pm and I arrived about 1.58 pm. At first, I was the only one there because the others were celebrating Teacher's Day in their respective schools. Then, I saw Kak Huzaina with two of her kids. Kak Huzaina lost her husband sometime in October last year after raya in a motorcycle accident. How sad. She's currently doing her phd with 4 boys to take care of. I'm glad to see her so strong.

Soon, we were joined by Miss Lee Guat Eng, a retiree but she used to be the 'tigress' in SEGAR. Someone who would be feared by students and teachers alike...hehehe. For such a small person, her voice would even 'outdo' mine. She's always serious at work and she controlled the timetable of the whole school. But when it was time to let our hair down, she would be the one responsible to organise such outings as well. It was nice seeing her alive and well...hehehe

Then, I saw Kak An and Kak Faiz, both still in SEGAR, still in their sports gear from the Teacher's Day Games at school. These two were my closest buddies in school, I could tell them anything and expect it to be kept a secret. I miss their company and their support...sigh.

Next, Kak Normali came, followed closely by Kak Gee and Kak Razani...hehehe. Kak Lis is the quiet, artistic type while Kak Sani is the loudmouthed and outrageous type...hehehe. Both used to teach Seni. Kak G is also another lovely soul that I miss so much. Later Kak Hafizah came from Batang Kali and lastly Kak Jannah came.

I chose to sit outside, but we were so noisy. Ehemm, I'm one of the culprits...muahahaha. There were so many stories floating around, sometimes I felt lost but it was a nice and friendly atmosphere. Loud and boisterous most of the time with Kak Sani telling us all sorts of stories...hehehe. Kak Gee said she missed hearing my laughter...hehehe.

This is a kind of confession. I am very bad at keeping in touch. I do not write, phone or even email my friends. I think I am the kind of person that does not normally 'look back'. Once I left a place or group of people, I seem to disappear from the face of the earth. But my strength is in 'picking up where we left off'. There's no awkwardity, I just jumped right back if I never made any disappearing act.

So, it was really fun.