Saturday, 15 May 2010

What I am doing now...

What am I doing, now? Literally? I am perfecting the art of observation a.k.a 'skodeng'. I am actually observing how the contractor is doing the construction works...from the comfort of my living room...hehehe. Well, as if I know what the workers are doing anyway?!!

So, I play it safe. Rather than look like an idiot out there, I just 'marvel' inside. They started the job on the 4th of May and 12 days later, they managed to finish most of the work at the back (except for the grill) and they're now tiling the front porch, minus the gate. Not bad you know, considering they had only 3 workers normally and the boss of course.

Today, they come in more numbers maybe because there are a lot more work to be done. They work in chain. One tidying up, one mixing cement, one tiling, one cutting some of the tiles and the others are doing their respective job. 'Respective job' means, they're doing things that I do not know how to describe...muahahaha

What I observe about Chong, the contractor? He's very on hand kind of boss. He will do whatever needs to be done alongside his workers. If they're plastering, he'll be plastering as well and I could see no way his workers could 'curi tulang' because he knows what they should be doing. He knows more about tiling than them and he would do it with them. Sometimes, he would check the quality of their work. I am quite impressed with the hardworking man actually.

Having said that, I also could afford to just be in an 'idle' mode because I have a 'project manager' in Rawang. Who? Kak Arah, of course...muahahaha. She would keep tab on the contractor every day, asking about progress and such like. She even has a contract drawn for him to sign...hehehe. She knew Chong for several years already and Chong already know how meticulous she could be, so all are in my best interest...muahahaha

What's my job spec? Emmm...just to open the door and plug in the socket. That's it, plain and simple, sometimes I let the kids do it...hehehe. I could go 'cruising' and 'gallivanting' all over klang valley...hehehe.

Right at this moment, Chong is doing the tiling himself. I think I'll wake up the kids and get ready to go out :)

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nora muhammad said...

that s not skodeng...that is memantauing...