Sunday, 2 May 2010

Reminiscing Sunday...

Yesterday, I had lots of fun! 2 weeks ago, my college mate, Nina contacted me and we arranged a some sort of reunion which materialised yesterday. The guest of honour was of course Nina who's going to do her phd in the states soon, real soon.

Nina and me decided that we should have it at someone's house and that special someone or more like the 'victim' was Sab...muahahaha. So, when I arrived at Sab's house yesterday, I immediately saw Sab, Nina and Fina who came all the way from Mersing. Yeay! and we had to do the 'long time, no see' screams of delight. muahahaha.

Fai and family came next and later Izlin from Johor came with her family. I of course was teased about my added girth...hehehe...but being friends for so long, teasings and banters were to be expected. We just left the kids to fend for themselves while the mothers turned into giggling schoolgirls again...well, in my case, the loud mouth 'spring' again...muahahaha. Jijan asked me to stop 'shouting' but I told him that I 'lost' the volume button...hehehe

Anyway, just imagine us yesterday, everyone tried to catch up with current news while also trying to reminisce about our past. At first, I told everyone that I could not remember what happened during all those years. The others tried filling up some gaps and what do you know, I actually could remember quite a lot, to the amazement of the others. I was even amazed at myself! Hehehe...

We were together for six long years, in a foreign country when we were so young. We embarked on the journey when we were just 18, fresh out of high school and we had to rely on each other for everything. We shared tears of happiness and joy and a lot in between. It was so good to be among friends, friends that support you come rain or shine. Even though we do not keep in touch religiously, we're always glad to be in each other's company...sigh... It's good to have friends for life.

The boys showed their true colours...sigh. They trashed Sab's house, played with every toy available and made a lot of mess...sigh. Fina was a bit 'scared' of Amir...hehehe. I really had fun yesterday and would like to thank everyone who made it to the gathering. A special thank you to Sab who agreed to have us, the unruly guests...hehehe

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