Friday, 9 October 2009

Amir...caught in the act

Sometime in August, we bought a potty for Amir. But until now, I'm still too lazy to potty-train him...hehehe. So, though the potty ended up in the bathroom, we didn't use it. Instead Amir used it for playing when he's in the shower. 

On Tuesday evening, suddenly I heard my husband calling me from my room. When I arrived at the scene, Amir was crying... with the potty stuck on him...hehehe. Did I help him? Not at once. I snapped a few photos first, then I helped him...hehehe. At first, he was crying, then when he discovered that I'm only going to 'unstuck' him after all the photo opportunities, he relaxed and waited patiently...hehehe

A boy in distress...

He's waiting for me to take his pictures...hehehe


Cik Kiah said...

dah besar nanti mesti dia malu tgk gambar ni...nampak nonet!

Sizuka said...

alamak ina! ni photo XXX.. hehe.. kesian amir. mak dia busy ambik gambar pulak :D

Zaharah said...

Maz, Along n akak pecah perut gelak...kelakor si Amir ni..cute walaupun x sensored...Wonder how u managed to unstuck him...nasib tak luka n sakit...

Ina said...


Ala... kecik lagi...hehehe.


Biasa la aku kan...hehehe

Kak Arah,

Dia panik je, itu yang takleh keluarkan kepala dia tu...hehehe