Thursday, 1 October 2009

Blood taking : Part 2

I just came back from the Immigration Office of Sudan. FYI, In Sudan, it's very easy to enter the country, but in order for you to get out of the country, you need an exit permit if you're staying more than a specified number of days.

Our last exit permit expired sometime in August, so in order for us to leave the country, we need to make a new exit permit. For adults, you need to have a blood test before your permit could be processed. This is done every two years. But because my exit permit was in the same group as my husband, I had to do it again today. 

Amir's not feeling well, so I had to carry him around...sigh. Actually the actual process was very brief, the waiting was the worst (waiting for the van, waiting for the person incharged etc...sigh). I've seen a lot of improvement inside the Immigration Office building, though. Now, there's a small and comfortable room for you to wait your turn (air-conditioned). 

I did one minor mistake of looking at my husband when it was his turn. I saw the big needle and I panicked a bit because I recalled some horrid stories. Actually, it depends on your luck. There was one kakak who got so bruised taking blood because they couldn't find the right vein to withdraw blood from... so, instead of trying the other arm, the person just change the direction of the needle around the same spot, leaving her bruised for days.

When it was my turn, I refused to look at the needle. I braced myself for the pain but it was hardly necessary... I guess, with the 'ample meat on my arms', he could put the needle anywhere and draw blood...hehehe. It literally took several seconds to fill the vial... alhamdulillah. Actually, I've had worst experience in DSH in Malaysia.

So, now we wait for the exit permit to be processed which could take days, weeks or even months...sigh. The application itself took more than 1 month...hehehe

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