Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Ghostbuster : Moi?!!

Before I start telling the stories of the past couple of weeks, I'd better write about what's happening currently. For the past two weeks or so, I've heard stories of a supernatural nature. It seemed that one of us had been 'disturbed' by a supernatural being.

At first, I didn't want to get involved but since the news made most of my friends afraid, I felt that I'm somewhat responsible to find a solution. At first, I offered to have a yassin recital in her house but she was reluctant. I was concerned because her physical being changed, she looked gaunt, pale, her eyes full of eyebags due to lack of sleep etc. 

The turning point was when she told the others that 'something' caressed her hair and later pulled her feet when she was lying down. The ladies were of course spooked to say the least! I didn't hear it from her because I was busy with the preparations of the kenduri. But those who listened said she said that calmly without appearing afraid herself...sigh

So, Asma' arranged for several ustazs to go to her house last night while I told the others to recite al-quran in their homes as protection. This morning we held yassin recital and halaqah at Kak Siti's house. She wasn't around. The rest were a bit concerned, and asked me for information. How should I know? I'm not a ghostbuster, here...hehehe.

Anyway, in about half an hour I'll be going to her house to visit her. I'm not going alone, I'll be going with her neighbours on the second floor. I'm a bit scared but I really hate to listen to second hand info?!! I'd rather experience it myself and observe her myself...sigh. Pray for me okay. I'll let you know the outcome of the visit, insyaallah. 


Ocean Girl said...

Can't wait to hear what you find out Madame Sherlock Holmes.

(Jangan jadi Jacques Clouseau dah :))

xplorer said...

mengerikan!! but anyway keep an open mind

Ina said...

Dear Ocean Girl,

Very minimal finding, Watson...hehehe

Dear explorer,

Well, actually kat mana2 pun ada all these 'beings' kan? So, tawakkal ilallah aje la...