Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Adik's Engagement : Part 1

Before we came back to Malaysia end of last year, my MIL told us that my husband's sister was getting engaged on the 1st of January 2009. So we extended our holidays for a day or two. By the time we came back, my MIL had nearly finished all the preparation...hehehe. She's very efficient I tell you, plus the fact that she was very excited as finally receive a son-in-law into the family. And of course the fact that the future son-in-law's a Kelantanese was the icing on the cake...hehehe. 

Anyway, what did the other two daughter-in-laws did while waiting for the auspicious day?!!! We went shopping of course!!! Hehehe, lead by me, the two families went shopping for what to wear during the akad nikah and wedding ceremonies...hehehe (this was done before the engagement, okay?!!). Well, in my defense, our family's going back to Khartoum and we wouldn't have time to prepare otherwise. So we ended up buying two suits each for everyone except for Sri and me... we had three!!! hehehe, much to the disgust of our spouses because they're going to foot the bill...hehehe, well, it's your sister that's getting married okay?!! 

Anyway, the only task my MIL gave me was to find somebody who could supply a choc cake to give the guests. Well, I tried finding my usual supplier in Selayang but they've moved to Damansara Damai. We actually went there but since they're new there and they have a lot of bookings, I decided to find other alternatives. 

I sort of knew what I want, so I went to cake connection to ask them about the price of a pretty was nearly rm5 per cupcake?!! Then and there I decided to make our own. I discussed with Sri about how we're going to do it and after that I went on a shopping spree again to 'bake with Yen' to buy the ready-made muffin mixes and to Cakeconnection to buy the cupcakes tray, cups and also the flower decorations. Alhamdulillah my driver a.k.a husband was very good with the road in PJ, if not I'll be totally lost...hehehe

Sri and I decided that we're going to bake the muffin on the night of the 31st and decorate it on the 1st because the engagement will be at night. I even put it in my organiser as to when to start etc... We're so confident to do it on time that it made our in-laws agitated...hehehe. So, since we're such good daughter-in-laws we started baking earlier than planned and soon filled the dining table with choc. muffins...hehehe. I'm the 'mixer' and Sri the 'baker', well we needed somebody with a precise hand movement to fill the cups a.k.a Dr. Sri to do the job...hehehe. The house was filled with the smell of baking which was lovely.

The double chocolate muffins...mmm, yummy...

Our work station, not in the kitchen but the dining table...hehehe 
(memang la menantu hantu! hehehe)

The next morning, while still in Rawang we got a call from Taman Tun to come and decorate the cake ( I call this 'panggilan maut'...hehehe). So when I arrived Sri already started to frost the cake...hehehe. We finished frosting, decorating and putting them in boxes by lunchtime, alhamdulillah. If I may say so myself, it looked really professional and really tasty, okay?!! Lest the people forget that we did it ourselves, I couldn't stop telling the guests...hehehe (Apa kes? kes puji diri sendiri la, sapa lagi nak puji, kan Sri?!!..hehehe). Anyway, on hindsight, I was really satisfied with the end product but to do it again? No. Luckily, Adik's the only unmarried sibling... well my brother mahmud doesn't count because he's a boy, I can get away with having a simple ceremony...hehehe

Mak Anjang also get recruited, okay?!!

The end product, before we put it in boxes...

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