Tuesday, 21 April 2009

A Tribute to Auntie Arah...

Early this morning, we received news that Auntie Arah has passed away. My heart goes to her family in this time of sadness. We can only doa that her roh belongs in Jannah, insyaallah.

First, let me explain who is Auntie Arah in my husband's family. She was my one of MIL's best friends. The other one is Mummy Daisy. In the 70s, these three ladies shared their happiness and sadness in London. While their husbands studied (in my FIL's case worked and studied), they bonded together. When they had to leave the children for their part time jobs (to supplement their family income), they could always depend on each other to help out.

Such were the friendship that it continues throughout the years. The children grew up together and my husband ended up with three mothers. One of them was Auntie Arah. 

When I first met them in 1997 I was a bit intimidated (during my engagement if I'm not mistaken) . Later, when I was trying out my wedding dress in my usual jeans and t-shirt (as always), I felt really 'selekeh' compared to these 3 trendy Mak Datins...hehehe. But I did warmed up to them and their ways, even though it didn't change the way I dressed...hehehe

I discovered that Auntie Arah's very jovial. She's full of laughter and crazy anecdotes. She could move you to tears by just listening to her stories and boy does she have loads of those. I could still hear her infectious laughter in my head...sigh...

She was such a contrast to Uncle Megat's quiet dignity but they had one of the best marriage in town. She doted on her four children, Azam, Izzat, Ayang and Intan and in later years her grand children. She embraced life to the fullest as well and you can guarantee bursts of laughter surrounding her wherever she goes.

A few years ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer but after treatment she was in remission. But it 'broke' her character in a way because the cancer took so much away from her. Her asthma became worse and last year, when we first came to Sudan she fell in a coma and there she remained until early today. 

We managed to squeeze a little time to visit her when she was in hospital late last year. Even though I thought I was mentally prepared to see her but I was wrong... She was so different from her old self with wires all around her... It just broke my heart... I hope Allah has mercy on her soul.

Auntie Arah, I'll always remember your bubbly personality and your infectious laughter. Semoga beliau digolongkan di kalangan orang2 mukmin, Amin... Al-Fatihah...

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