Thursday, 9 April 2009

The countdown begins...

The countdown begins again...hehehe. I'm going back to Malaysia soon, very very soon. In fact, in another 21 days, I'll be able to eat cooking other than my own, yeay! Actually, I'm going back on the 30th of April and will be arriving on the 1st of May, insyaallah.

Last year we planned to have a family holiday during the summer holidays. But, my sister-in-law's getting married in June, so we had to cancel the holiday. At first, we're going to go back to Malaysia for the whole month of June (following my husband's work schedule and also annual leave), but one month's definitely not enough for me...hehehe

So, I persuaded my husband to 'let the family off' to Malaysia for the whole 3 months! Yeay! School's ending on the 30th of April and resumes early August. So, we're going back on the last day of April and comes back on the 5th of August, insyaallah. So, I'll be in Malaysia for THREE WHOLE MONTHS! hehehe

Only my husband's going to go back and forth. First, he'll send us in April (for a few days), then he'll come back for the wedding (for about 3 weeks) and finally to bring us back to Khartoum in early August (for a few days). So, we're going to waste a lot of money on plane fare but what to do?!! At least I'll be in Malaysia with the kids...hehehe. So, just want to say, can't wait to be back! See you all soon.


Rohani said...

balik jangan tak balik....Malaysia bessssssssssssst....sebenarnya ina kena prepare untuk adik wedding..tu.kena keja kuat sikit..menantu kesayangankan..heee

Ina said...

Che Su,

Bukan nak tolong, nak jadi tukang 'kepoh' aje...hehehe. Datang jangan tak datang tau, banyak bende nak gossip nih...hehehe

Mrs. Gardener said...

WoW bestnya...!!!! hope to see you soon. cnt remember when i last chat with you. n, lawo gambar bertudung merah. ingat menteri wanita baru!!! keh! keh!

Syikeen Pfordten said...

Kak Maz,

Nanti balik boleh la jumpa. we are planning for our housewarming nanti so sampai Malaysia jangan lupa give me a call so I can invite you yeah - 0193700277.

Miss you!!!