Saturday, 18 April 2009

Very hectic life!

This weekend's full of activities for us in Khartoum. There was a volleyball tournament on Friday morning. Not that I'm involved, mind you. I was busy baking cupcakes for the Birthday Bash for kids borned in April, May and June yesterday afternoon. 

Nina helped me in baking those cupcakes on Thursday afternoon and yesterday morning we frosted the cupcakes with cream cheese...hmmm, yummy! The Birthday Bash started around 5 p.m and ended around 6.30. I was so tired because the heat was really bad outside.

Managed to get a power nap before maghrib and after isya' get ready for the Santai and Sorak event at Laman Mesra Petronas. It was a karaoke contest actually, so I had fun mingling with friends...hehehe. It ended around 11 p.m and we stayed on for another half an hour to chat (it was a nice night to be out in the open because it wasn't that hot).

Today, at 3p.m, we'll have the Petronita AGM. It's my first AGM as I skipped it last year...hehehe... But this year, I'll have to go as I already have a duty... counting votes...hehehe. At least I managed to get away from being the MC for the event, yeay! So, I'll have to get ready now...will update this blog as soon as I have time...ciao!

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