Sunday, 19 April 2009

Victorinox crazy!

I'm so in love with Victorinox

Actually we heard about the Victorinox shop in Khartoum since last year but no one knows where it was. But when we came back in January, Midi showed us the stuff that he bought from the PC shop and we were hooked. The first time we went there, Kak Hanum and Ipin showed us the shop and we bought a few things (in the picture below).

At first we thought that maybe it was an imitation because it's definitely cheaper than in Malaysia. But we were wrong, it's the real thing, all made in Switzerland and there were a variety of items. If you like the pocket knife, the prices range from sdg 40 - 100. The more gadgets the more expensive naturally. But to get a good one, you just need about sdg 65. 

My husband and I just went crazy over the display. The concept of the shop's like shopping in Argos, you note down the item serial number and then went downstairs to pay. The selection's fabulous...hehehe, you don't have to go to Switzerland to buy their products...hehehe

When we first came we saw buses and vans full of Chinese people there and they bought a lot! Maybe it was just before the Chinese New Year. Maybe they were buying for their friends and relatives. Since then we've been there a few more times and we've agreed to go there only once a month. It has become a monthly treat for us...hehehe (My husband's eyeing a cleaver actually... we've bought a simple carving knife last month!)

Anyway being me, I was a bit mystified why was the shop called PC shop in the first place. And being a nosy parker, I asked the owner. He said it was because 10 years ago, the shop used to sell computers but when they wanted to change the product, it was such a hassle to change the name of the shop so the name remained.

Oh yes, the knives are so sharp! You can simply slice paper and you just need to sharpen it only once a year! Definitely my kind of knives...hehehe. I'm so impressed with the products, I would gladly promote Victorinox to anyone who would listen...hehehe... So don't be surprised if I couldn't stop talking about the virtues of the products because I'm just crazy about Victorinox!

The first time we went to the shop...

Their brochure...even the plastic bag's made in Switzerland! hehehe...


Anonymous said...

Hi...where is the shop located? i would love to drop by one day.

Ina said...

Dear Jo,

You really should go there. But I couldn't direct you there as my sense of direction's really bad...hehehe. You can just ask the helpdesk to give you the direction. Some drivers would know, you just tell them that you want to go to PC shop.