Thursday, 19 November 2009


Alhamdulillah, last night the performance was a success.

Yesterday, we did the rehearsal in MPH from 4 to 6. Although the kids were ready on time but the sound system did not. At first we rehearsed without music. The silat boys were very good but the zapin group was a bit shaky. While waiting for the sound system to be set up, the silat boys vanished. I know, I know, boys will always be boys...sigh

With music, the zapin kids were better. When I tried to ask the silat boys to perform, they came minus one member, Afiq. It seemed that Afiq hurt himself when playing (later I found out that he even broke his glasses!). When there was only the three of them on stage, they made a lot of mistakes. Fikri said his counting was affected because Afiq was not there...sigh.

By 5.30 pm, I asked them to rest. While I was there in the hall, I saw Kader was there also some times, but there was no greeting whatsoever from his part. Nevermind... I'm not the kind that 'simpan dalam' kind of person. Once I got angry and let it out, I'll be really calm and not bothered anymore...hehehe. That's how I keep my sanity and my bubbliness...muahahaha

Anyway, after maghrib, we went to bg5 for the make-up session. Nina came armed with lots of make-up. Kak Zila and Ina Wahab helped with the make-up and hair. Me? Tak boleh harap coz I don't normally put on make-up on myself, let alone on others...hehehe

Around 8.30 pm, we went to the MPH. The Sudanese group was on first. Then it was the silat. I was a bit nervous because they didn't practiced properly in the afternoon but I shouldn't have worried unnecessarily. They performed beautifully. Perfect! Standing at the sidelines, I felt so proud of them. Before the show, I asked them to act as the lions (brave and strong) and they did just that. Very serious and justice to the art form.

After that, the zapin kids came on... They were very colourful and though it was not perfect but the audience seemed to enjoy their performance. After that, we went to the cafe and had dinner of nasi ayam. Alhamdulillah... I'm so proud of the effort shown by my team (Kak Liza, Nina, Ina Wahab and even Kak Zila helped). Thank you, everyone!

Now, I'm just waiting for Kader to say thank you. Just a phone call or an email, saying thank you. But you know what, I don't think he will...hehehe. Being a very optimistic person, I'll let the line of communication open...hehehe (But En Kader, the next time you'll need my help with any event at the PCO, you'll have to come begging! Muahahaha!)

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