Monday, 30 November 2009

Impressed with Amna...

When we first moved to the complex, we were assigned a cleaner to clean our house. In Block G, the cleaner had to clean only two houses each, so they not only clean but also ironed our clothes. In the complex, each cleaner had to clean 4 houses each and they just clean the living room and the kitchen area plus the guest bathroom. They would come everyday except on Friday, 6 days a week.

Recently, the management decide to cut cost and decrease the number of maids. Instead of 4 houses, now they have to clean 8 houses. So far, I've always had Asyur and I was glad to have her. I've heard stories about the other ladies who were not satisfied with the maid service. So many complaints... so much so that the management decided to have a 'rotation' system. 

Now, instead of having the same maid everyday, the maids would clean the whole floor (8 houses). They would also clean different floor everyday which means I'll get different maid every day. I truly do not mind with this arrangement because I do not have any preference on any particular maid. I'm just grateful that there's someone to help me clean my house...hehehe

I've always heard that people say Amna's a good cleaner. She used to work for Kak Anum in the old Block I and when we moved to the complex, she used to clean the second floor. Kak Anum was happy to still have her. Last year, I used to pay her to iron my clothes until I got Ros in January. She's very soft spoken and very trustworthy.

So, on the 27th, I got Amna...finally! I just left her to do the cleaning while I was busy downstairs. When I finally went upstairs, I was amazed! My house gleamed! My house finally smelled of rose (Ajax Fabuloso)! Hehehe. For over a year, even though I gave the same cleaning detergent to Asyur, I never smell the rose-scented floor, never...not until Amna. 

Even my husband realised that there was a marked difference when Amna cleaned. I'm not joking, ok. She practically cleaned everything, every surface available. She even cleaned the dishes in the sink! I'm totally impressed, to say the least. No wonder so many people want her to clean their houses. 

I definitely agree that the cleaners should rotate. At least everyone would experience bad and good cleaners. I understand that to those who used to get good cleaners, they'll make so much noise but it's not fair to those who always got bad cleaners. I do think that it's fairer with the rotation system.

Amna has since left the employment of NADA, choosing instead to work for private employment. Actually now she's working for Noni and Kak Siti and if she's free, she'll accept private work as well. Good for her! She's better off now, I think. But I'd like to thank her for cleaning my house on that day. Thank you, Amna!

Gleaming table!

Squeaky clean floor...

Shining stove!

A clean work top...sigh


Kak Ty said...

I do agree with you..She is superb.. and also a good cook!! yeah shayya..shayya.. n the shatta..hehe..u know wat I am talking about, right???

a kl citizen said...


best gak ada cleaner datang rumah ya...
saya ni all rounder...

Ina said...

Dear Kak Siti,

She's really humble lak tu, itu yang I suka sekali. So far tak pernah ambik kesempatan kat orang yang percaya kat dia.

Dear klcitizen,

Memang syukur sangat yang ada free cleaner ni. Itu pasal I tak brape kisah sangat... Kalo nak buat sendiri memang lagi parah...hehehe