Monday, 30 November 2009

Spring cleaning Day...

On the 27th of October, the ladies worked together to clean A-G-8 and helped moved all the plates, glasses, crockeries, pots and pans etc to B-G-5 and B-G-6 storerooms. It seemed that we could not use A-G-8 for our gotong-royong anymore...sigh. The ladies in Block B cleaned B-G-5 and also B-G-6. When we finished in Block A, we went to Block B to give them a hand also.

Sad to say that not all madames came down to help...sigh. I really appreciate those who came down and help in the clearing and cleaning up process. Actually, what we were doing would benefit everyone in the long run because the plates etc would be used for communal purposes not personal. Well, I do have to accept the fact that not many would be willing to do the dirty work but when it comes to using them later... that's another story...hehehe

Kak Jas and Nani...

Kak Jas supervising...hehehe

Much better, isn't it?!!

Stoves, pot and pans

For communal use...

After cleaning up, we held a brief meeting about some of the grievances about the maid service and also helpdesk and also the problems with certain drivers. We just discussed some of the common points for discussions with NADA. 

After that, Kak Adik invited us to her house for breakfast. She cooked mee bandung if I'm not mistaken. Thank you, Kak Adik...hehehe. Macammana tak gemuk?!! Buat keje sikit, makannya banyak! Hehehe. Enjoy the pictures...

Bulatnya mata Sh. Nayela

Runny pudding...hehehe

Ina Wahab and Kak Anum

Nicky, K.Jas, Nani and Kak Maria...

Ina Sakinah and K.Rohana

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