Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Jamuan Raya Blok A : Hantu or Warden?!!

Even though we worked hard but there was simply too much work to be done. By midnight, the ketupats were done, the fried chicken was done, the fried potatoes for pegedil was done, the frying of onions was still on going and the chicken for soto was still in the pot. The ladies and most men went to their respective homes. It was hardly appropriate to ask them to stay after the work that they've done. Thank you, guys!

Jumasri and Zamri fried at least 3 rounds of onions to perfection. We will keep Jumasri as the onion fryer for the upcoming feast(s) as well... hehehe. Hj. Ayob also kept us company until 12.30 am, if I'm not mistaken. He helped put two stoves together to make the chicken came to the boil faster. But in the end, there was just the two of us, husband and me...

While waiting for the chicken in the pot, we got to talk. It was kind of a weird date...hehehe. With me telling him all sorts of stories...hehehe... and of course we laughed out loud. Not once, but many times. 

Can you imagine, the two of us, huddled together near the pot... and giggling in the middle of the compound. To make matters worse, it was quite dark with only source of light coming from the lamp posts. Around 1 am, I suddenly sensed some movements... It was coming from the entrance of Block A, where we would wait for the vans... I could see a dark shadow moving in between the pillars.

Lo and behold! It was the guard! He must have thought that we were the ghosts...muahaha! When we realised what he was doing, I couldn't stop laughing. Luckily the ground was a bit dirty, if not I would have rolled on the ground literally! Hehehe...It was so funny and we had to stop laughing in order not to wake up the whole of Block A... we were literally gasping for air, ok?!!

Anyway, when the chicken finally done around 1.30 am, we locked up everything and went to bed... 

My husband 'tasting' the fried onions (his favourite!)... Even his own mother would keep the container away from him at home! Hehehe. He's a real 'hantu bawang goreng'! Muahahaha!

Happy that finally it was done!

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just me said...

ha ha ha ha ha kelakar le hangpo nih!