Thursday, 17 December 2009

Edufair 2009 : Zapin...

After silat, it was the kids turn to dance zapin. They looked so colourful and cute! I bought the dresses worn by the girls in Kamdar during the summer holidays. We were lucky because we managed to find similar baju melayu colours for the boys... well, after asking all the mothersay if they had yellow, red or purple baju melayu that we could borrow. Alhamdulillah, with the cooperation of everyone, they looked great. Thanks to Nina, Uji and Zai for helping with their make-up and hair!

Even though the kids performance was not perfect but everyone enjoyed it. I was standing at their side and kept on asking them to smile...sigh. I think they were a bit nervous when performing...hehehe.

Nervous smiles!


Cute, kan?!!

Awat tak sama nih...hehehe

Bantai la korang...

Crowded kan?!!

Handsome si mamat nih...hehehe

Dah nak abis baru nak senyum...hehehe

Soon it was all over, yeay! I invited them to have lunch at the cafe. But there was a little bit of a misunderstanding among PCO, Cafe and us but was later resolved. The kids ate the sudanese food prepared for them...sigh and I paid for the drinks etc. because I wanted to and as my appreciation of their effort and hard work. Thanks Kak Liza, Nina, Fuziana, Ina Wahab, Kak Zila, Zai etc for your help in every way! :)

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