Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Hadi and his homework...

Doing his homework!

Last year when Hadi was in Pre-Reception, he didn't have any homework, just the reading component only. This year, he started having homework once a week and gradually increases to two or three times a week. Knowing him, I would be the one who would check his bag everyday...sigh

Normally, I would be the one who would supervise him when he was doing his homework, but on the 27th of October, I was busy with something else and my husband had to do it. At first he was all right but my husband forgot to tell him that instead of two pages, he had four pages of homework. I went into the room when I heard Hadi screaming with shouts from an equally angry father...hehehe

My husband's very strict to say the least and Hadi's equally stubborn. Definitely not a good combination...hehehe. One thing about Hadi's that he would first 'struggle' by kicking and screaming before doing anything that he's not comfortable with. I would normally 'persuade' him gently with 'rational reasons', my husband's the 'unrelenting' type. So, it's a clash of personalities to say the least!

I was not about to miss the opportunity to take some great pictures of the 'event'... the clash of the titans...hehehe. I finally persuaded him to do his homework until it finished, to the amusement of my husband...hehehe. Hadi was very reluctant because he didn't like drawing and he had to draw a lot of images... He's definitely inherited my 'keras tangan'...sigh. Enjoy the pictures!

My husband looking angry... hehehe

His math homework!

Being stubborn!


Look at his drawing...hopeless! Hehehe

My husband started to smile... hehehe

Amir was unhappy because we were concentrating on Hadi...

He's doing it on his own...

The final page...hehehe


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Ina, terima kaseh you datang ke pondok saya. And yes, you can get engage to me, ha ha, I mean 'link', no problemos. You honour me.
I regret my bahasa is very jurassic, sebelum merdeka, and your mention of 'katham'....what does it mean?

My guess is you read my previous stories?
Terima kaseh seribu Ina. Glad you enjoyed them.
I love your daughter's name, sounds like if my Malay is okay, "Ginger" in English, ya? Know a young girl here named 'Ginger' cute 7 year old too.

Love the pics of your son and father doing homework, ha ha.
Ina, I love your eloquence....and once again, terima kaseh for dropping by.
Hope we'll be seeing each other often, *wink*, ha ha.
Have a nice day, and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

Ina said...

Dear Uncle Lee,

Thank you for dropping by. Will link now that I have your permission. Tq.

Khatam means I finished reading all your entries...

Aliah does sound like 'halia'...hahahaha!

Thanks Uncle Lee, you made my day! Hehehe