Sunday, 27 December 2009

A simple summary...

I'm just dropping by to share with all of you my whereabouts for the past several days and the next few days...

21 and 22/12 - Travelling from Khartoum to Cairo

22/12 - Relax in the morning, after lunch went to Anwar Sadat's monument, Al-Azhar mosque and Husin Mosque. Had a glimpse of Khan Khalili...hehehe. On the way back, dropped by at Carrefour.

23/12 - Fell in love with crystals in Asfour! Hehehe. After that, went crazy in a four storeys carpet shop! And at night, went on the Nile cruise and watched live belly dancing...hehehe

24/12 - Went to Cairo's museum, found 'the' rug shop in Khan Khalili! Yeay! We went to see the lights and sound show in Giza and on our way back managed to squeeze in a trip to an Adidas factory outlet...hehehe

25/12 - Kak Faridah/Junaidi's family joined us in Cairo. We went to the first mosque in Egypt, Masjid Amru al Asr. Visited the Makam of Imam As Shafie. The men solat Jumaat in the Mosque of Sultan Hasan & Rifa'e. After that the kids had fun playing in the compound of the fortress of Salehuddin Al-Ayyubi. We were supposed to have lunch at the MSD but instead found a shop selling cotton materials infront of it...hehehe. And finally we went to Asfour crystals again! Yeay!

26/12 - On our way to Dahab, we stopped at the Kubu Israel and later to see part of the mata air 12 (where we found a lot of things to buy! hehehe). After that we tried the sauna at Hamam Firaun. We dropped by at Makam Nabi Saleh on the way to St. Katherine. Though we arrived in the darkness, I managed to scramble my way up to the lembu Samiri. Then, made our way to Dahab and after resting for awhile, went out shopping in the 'tourist area' (well, window shopping mostly...sigh).

27/12 - Went on a glass-boat ride on the Gulf of Attaba. Visited the fortress of Salehudin in the middle of the Red sea. Went back to Cairo.

28/12 - Going to Faiyoum

29 and 30/12 - An overnight trip to Alexandria

31/12 - Pyramids at Giza and shopping in Bazaar Khan Khalili, insyaallah.

1/1/2010 - Going back to Khartoum, insyaallah.

Well, that's my simple update...hehehe. I've been away from the computer for awhile because I was busy enjoying myself... hehehe.

Au revoir!


Ocean Girl said...

Hehehe..funny. Carrefour amongst the pyramids.

xplorer said...

belly dancing !!!-wow! kalau wife saya ada skali dah kena cubit2 kalau tenung lama2 , ha ha ha.Did you do the same thing to your husband also?

a kl citizen said...

assalammualaikum ina

wah..bestnya jalan2 n shopping2 ya...

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Ina, wishing you the best of Seasons greetings, have a happy new year, Lee.

just me said...

since when you start liking crystal ? datin in the making i suppose. hi hi hi. anyway, have fun