Thursday, 17 December 2009

Emmm... Padan muka?!!

Calar cam pirate!!!

After the performance, I was really relieved... Finally it was over. So in the afternoon, I joined the other ladies to play captain ball. What's captain ball... well it's like netball without the net. They've started playing only the day before if I'm not mistaken. I only managed to join for 10 or 15 minutes the day before because we were in the meeting with Puan Juni.

So, back to the story. While I was busy playing, I was involved in an 'incident'. Somehow or rather, the ball fell smack on my glasses and the 'plastic buffer' in the middle broke off, leaving the pointy sharp steel exposed and because the impact was quite bad, it scratched my right eyelid and beyond! I was bleeding!

Luckily Puan Taha was there to lend me her small towel...hehehe. The rest were too gobsmacked to continue playing. I was also lucky because we found the plastic buffer somewhere on the grass which was a small miracle in itself! Anyway, now I have a scar on my face, just like a pirate! Muahahaha...

That was also the end of our captain ball playing days...sigh. Maybe the others were a bit weary, but seriously it was just an incident. It's quite normal in sports to get injured...hehehe.

A note to myself: Padan muka! Hehehe...

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nasib baik tak tercucuj biji mata ya...alhamdulillah