Sunday, 6 December 2009

Public holiday...

I've just received news just before midnight that it'll be a public holiday tomorrow for those in Khartoum state. It was announced in the media that it's for registration for the election. I straightaway sent out messages to the others to let them know.

My kids are supposed to go back to school tomorrow after a long break since before the eid adha. Tonight we had to force them to sleep early, so they're still not aware that they have an extra day at home...hehehe. My husband has already envisioned a very panicky Aliah in the morning. I think we'll have a little bit of fun with her tomorrow morning...hehehe. So, good nite!


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Ina, waaa, nak main joke on daughter, huh?
Apa holiday tu? President birthday?
Anyway, have a fun day, keep well, Ina, Lee.

Ina said...

Dear Uncle Lee,

Yep, nak bagi dia panik in the morning...hehehe.
Public holiday for registration of voters, I think. It's just a precaution for possible public demonstration. Thanks Uncle Lee for dropping by.