Saturday, 2 January 2010

Back in Khartoum!

Happy New Year everyone!

I just got back from Cairo yesterday evening. Even though our flight arrived earlier than scheduled, we had a terrible time on the ground...sigh. We had to wait so long for our bags and the queue out of the airport was also terrible. We finally arrived at the complex around 8 pm.

On my way home, I realised that Khartoum was celebrating their Independence Day. A lot of the buildings were awashed with beautiful lights... a nice way to welcome us home...hehehe.

I also realised that I only have another 363 days of my unpaid leave to enjoy. I intend to enjoy 2010 to the fullest! Hehehe...

To my surprise, I felt glad to be home in Khartoum. Last night was spent unpacking and today I stayed inside the house and slept...recuperating from the holiday...hehehe


Ocean Girl said...

Welcome home. The one thing about travel is, you are soooo glad to be home! :)

Ocean Girl said...

And Happy New Year Ina, we had our Hijrah too...moga dimakbul segala doa.

Sizuka said...

ina, welcome home!! rindu nak baca blog engkau. tolong update ye! :D

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Ina, happy new year to you and all at home and the very best of 2010.
I guess you all must have enjoyed your holidays.
You just stay easy and keep well and have a great new year. Best regards, Lee.