Monday, 11 January 2010

Hadi : Spoiled for choice...

After Asar we went to Giza. This was one of the activities that I promised the kids. I've surfed the net and got interested in the Lights and Sound Show at Giza Pyramids. From the website, I found out that during winter, the English version would start at 6.30 pm. To avoid traffic jam, we went early.

When we arrived there, we found out that on Thursdays, the English version would be at 7.30 pm...sigh. One thing I definitely didn't like was the strong smell of horses and camels and their poops of course...sigh. So, we decided that we'll have dinner after buying the tickets (LE 75 per person).

The kids straightaway spotted a pizza hut...hehehe. One thing I noticed in Egypt was that sometimes, Pizza Hut and KFC would occupy the same building (they're from the same company, right?!!), so it would be easier for customers like us. Kak Long wanted pizza, while Hadi wanted nuggets and Amir wanted his fried chickens...sigh. Just look at the pictures, and the pizza was really delicious...hehehe

Hadi was in a dilemma because he ordered spaghetti but he also wanted nuggets. Luckily we ordered both because the spaghetti was horrendous, it was soft and tasteless...sigh...

Spaghetti or nuggets?!!

Mouth-watering, right?!! Hehehe

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