Saturday, 16 May 2009

Aqiqah : Part 1

Last weekend, our calendar was full of Aqiqahs.

On Saturday, the kids and I went to Kak Siti's grandchild's Aqiqah in Taman Wilayah Selayang. I've never been to Kak Siti's house. So, I spent about one hour getting lost in the area...hehehe. I did have a rough idea where Taman Wilayah Selayang is. But I didn't know how to get to the other side of the road if you're coming from Rawang...hehehe. I ended up making a u-turn at Taman Batu instead of using the u-turn at Pasar Borong. That was the first mistake.

Then, I couldn't find the sign board of that particular taman...sigh. Luckily, I stopped at the Caltex near the new Warta because the kids were hungry. I was directed to drive behind of the warta. Okay, I was quite glad. While trying to find Taman Wilayah, I saw my ex-colleague (Mohamad) walking towards his apartment... I stopped the car and asked him...hehehe. He was a bit startled to say the least coz I just parked my car at the side of the road (not really proper parking actually, because there were cars double-parked already...hehehe). Sorry, Mohamad.

After that, I made my next mistake. I didn't read the sms carefully. Instead of finding 10/2A, I went and drove to 10/2B. Fortunately, I'm not a I started asking for directions. I asked someone at 10/2B (who said it was at the other side), then I went to the other side and asked a man at a garage (who pointed to another direction)  which lead me to a dead-end road... Finally I asked an Indon ice-cream seller who was honest enough to say that he was not sure. By then, the kids started asking for ice-cream...arghhh! I was lost somewhere in Taman Selayang with 3 hungry kids!

After finally finding the correct part of Taman Selayang, I still couldn't find 10/2A. Luckily, the kids were finding the 'adventure' very funny and laughed with me. After going round the area several times, I finally found it, alhamdulillah...sigh...

I was so glad to see Hj. Zakaria and Kak Siti. I made myself at home and straight away started eating...hehehe. Very tasty lunch. The spread include nasi putih with lauk kampung style, nasi tomato and 'pecal'...yummy. I stayed only about half an hour because the kids started to make themselves 'really at home'(there were a lot of toys in Kak Siti's house!)...hehehe... We went home armed with a 'goody-bag' filled with choc. covered kurma, honey, a mug and a pink teddy-bear! Thank you, Kak Siti and Hj. Zakaria... Lain kali jemput lagi...hehehe

I didn't take any pictures of the baby (Alanna Rajmeen) because I was too tired being lost!


Hamba Allah said...

Nice Blog !

Aqiqah dan qurban adalah spesialisasi kami, satenya empuk dan gule khas masakan padang. Segera hubungi kami :

Fasri said...

Lepas ni kalau nak pi Taman Wilayah sure tak de masalah punyer... u kan dah expert!!

rozana said...

Kelakolah Ina.. Aku leh imagine camner gaya ngko masa tu Kah3x