Saturday, 30 May 2009

A day at the 'Fish House'...

On Friday the 22nd of May, I went to Zana's house in Taman Permata. I promised to be there around 10 a.m but as usual overslept and only managed to be there by 11 a.m. The kids were so hungry so they ate a lot of bread at Zana's house...hehehe

The first thing that they noticed about Zana's house was the massive fish pond. They were quite taken by it...hehehe. They even dubbed the house, the 'Fish House'. Zana's husband gave them a cup of fish feed which Amir straightaway put in his mouth... which made Zana laughed like mad...hehehe. Zana's husband said it was okay because it's full of protein!

After breakfast, I followed them to Andalusia Travel somewhere in Pandan Indah, I think. I was there to pay for badal haji for my late brother, mother and father. In Islam you can pay someone to do badal haji for someone who has passed away. I used the money from Ayang's insurance claim. I've been meaning to do it end of last year but did not have enough time. Thank you, Zana and husband for looking up into the matter for me. 

After that, we went to 'Bagus' the bakery supply shop because Zana wanted me to show her what things to buy to make cupcakes. So, instead of telling her what to buy and just gave her the recipe, I decided to bake cupcakes at her house. She was so excited to learn and that was the first time ever for her to bake any kind of cakes...hehehe. Though she was sometimes distracted by baby Mawaddah, she managed to observe and learn how to make cupcakes.

The first tray was gobbled up by my son, Amir...sigh. Luckily I made enough cupcakes for Zana's kids as well. My friend, Nora also managed to drop by and we had such a good time...hehehe. I was there until 6 p.m and was shown how to use the new highway, DUKE towards Rawang. I quite like using DUKE because it took about an hour to reach my house but it was highway all the way...hehehe. I so love driving on highways because I could drive fast...Yeay! The kids were all  flat and were sleeping throughout the journey. Enjoy the pictures!

The fishes...

They were feeding the fish!

They're amazed by the fish!

Nasi claypot chicken Zana

The cupcakes...

Amir finished nearly one whole tray...hehehe

Some of the dough/batter...

The cute oven!

Zana insisted on doing it herself!

Zana in action!

School mates and kids...hehehe

Aliah and Hadi...

The most tired!

He's flat and out!


Fasri said...

hehehe... Amir, Amir, asal makanan jer ke mulut dia.. tak kira makanan apa.. Alhamdullillah settle Ayang punya Haji.. how much did it cost?

hmm? highway all the way is it? seronok ye? ingat2 skit, awak tu bawak bebudak..

Yg Kedai Bagus tu mcm Bake with Yen ke? byk selection?

edrina said...

wahahaha..comei giler amir neh..tido telopong mmg gayak org penat giler..

Adeh..dia makan lak makanan ikan tu hak hak.. lawak seh..haish bebudak ni.. hahaha

just me said...

macam-macam idea kak ina nih! gambar amir melopong tu simpan elok2, nanti tunjuk kat awek dia in the future he..he..he.., ada soalan, dia tu tidoq cam ayong ke cam kak ina? macam bapaknya je ..he..he..he..

Ina said...


Kawan kak Ina siap gelak sakan masa tengok dia terus suap kat mulut makanan ikan tu...hehehe


Tido kuat tu cam bapaknya ler... Macam tak tau lagi...hehehe

Dear husband,
Seronok bawak keta kat DUKE tu, smooth aje, lagipun tak banyak keta sangat...hehehe

Diana said...

isk.. besar kolam ikan tuu.. penuh la laman.. kalau instead of kolam ikan, jadik swimming pool kan best.. hehe..

Ina said...

Dear Diana,

My friend's husband tu giler ikan. One of the walls kat dalam rumah dia dah convert jadi aquarium, sampaikan lampu pun bentuk ikan! Hehehe

rozana said...

Aku ngan Farik gelak terbahak2 baca this post... Next time jgn serik dtg umah lagi.. Kita masak2 bende lain plak keh3x